New Hilton Honors Program Changes that I Wish World of Hyatt Would Copy

Hilton’s recent unveiling of the newest perks and ways to gain Hilton points got me wondering which of these mattered to me the most. And if any changes mattered to our readers. I have Hilton Gold elite status and a healthy stash of Hilton points, though, last year I didn’t have any Hilton stays. Earning more points per stay, though, is always user friendly :) For people who stay at Hilton properties a lot, the milestone bonuses make sense. I prefer getting points rather than a free night stay that’s limited to certain categories of hotel. Elite rollover nights are a great benefit. I wish Hyatt did this! Gifting status after 60 nights is a great idea. Are you listening Hyatt? Looks to me like Hilton is upping their game, getting creative, and has put together a package of perks that will please loyal Hilton fans. How do you feel about this new program? Going forward, will you shift some of your stays to Hilton? Let me know!

Here is the complete Hilton member benefits email:

2 thoughts on “New Hilton Honors Program Changes that I Wish World of Hyatt Would Copy

  1. Kat

    Love the bonus points after 40th night! Didn`t know about it, thanks for the news, Shelli. Stayed 70+ nights with Hilton last year, happy with the earning point opportunities Hilton has. I think not only Hyatt, but Marriott and IHG should follow Hilton and be more exciting.

    1. Shelli Post author

      Glad the post was useful, Kat! I wouldn’t argue with your point about IHG and Marriott joining Hyatt in upping their game. I stay 70 plus with Hyatt last year, so if they followed Hilton’s plan, I’d get a bunch a Hyatt points too:) Thanks for reading.


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