Another Cool Use for SeatGuru

It’s great when you keep finding more uses for an app or website that you use on a regular basis anyway. I would think many of us use SeatGuru to check seat maps and perhaps gather some information from others who post reviews of certain seats. After all, it’s called SEATguru :) Recently, I figured out that people post great pictures on SeatGuru and I could use them to compare Dreamliner configurations. Then this past week, I discovered that SeatGuru is also an easy resource to use for another question and comparison I was making.

I was researching three different airlines I was considering using while flying around Asia. I already know the carry-on restrictions thanks to this master chart, but what about whether or not there was a fee for checked bags, and perhaps how much that fee might be.

I realized that SeatGuru had this information as well!

  1. Go to the AirAsia page on SeatGuru
  2. Click on Compare Seats
  3. Click on Baggage tab on the left side of the page. Carry-on as well as checked baggage allowance and fees information is very well spelled-out.

Need further information on fees? The airline website is back on the SeatGuru airline homepage.

I really like that I could quickly compare airlines without going to individual airline websites and checking to see if there were any differences in baggage policies. Do you use SeatGuru for anything beyond checking seat maps? Do you have a quicker or easier way to compare airlines when looking for fee and baggage information? If so, please let me know!

5 thoughts on “Another Cool Use for SeatGuru

  1. DaninMCI

    It works great for this except….when they swap equipment. AA did this to me recently where they swapped out a dreamliner 787-800 for a 777-200, slight…difference in my expected experience on a 10 hour flight I have planned to Chile

    1. Shelli Post author

      Ouch, that is a sorry swap. I haven’t flown AA metal internationally in a while, but they do seem to swap flights on me in the states. Not sure if you’ve been to Chile (I go because I have family there), but at least after the 10 hours are over, you’ll be in a great country that’s easy to enjoy! Thanks for reading, Dan.

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