Be Nice to Alaska Airlines Phone Rep; Get 1,000 Free Miles

Good morning everyone, happy Easter!  I hope you are celebrating the holiday with friends, family members, and good food.  Last week, I called Alaska Airlines for help with an award booking.  The agent was relatively new to booking awards, but she was very nice and fun to talk to.  After finishing the award booking, I thanked her for her help.  Before we hung up, she wanted to thank me for being so polite and understanding with her while she booked the award ticket.  She then said something along the lines of, “Everyday, each Alaska Airlines rep has the ability to give 1,000 free Alaska Airlines miles to one of our members who has been a pleasure to work with.”  That was awesome, I told her I would gladly accept the 1,000 free Alaska Airlines miles.  2-3 days later, the miles were in my account.

This call was nothing special, I try to be as nice and helpful to every rep I speak with, regardless if they work for a credit card company, airline, rental car agency, focus group, etc.  Before I got involved with the miles and points game, I used to be very afraid to call people or talk to people on the phone.  Then after getting into the game, I ended up calling credit card companies often regarding reconsideration calls and retention calls.  Those calls were fun and I’ve become much more comfortable, natural, and nice on all other calls.  As you can see, being nice on the phone can often pay off.

So on this Easter Sunday, I wanted to remind everyone to be nice to people on the phone.  Remember, you are talking to another human who has probably been yelled at, at least a few times during their shift, so being nice will immediately make you stand out from the rest of the calls.  Who knows, you might even end up getting a gift as well.

Have you ever gotten a gift for being nice to a rep on the phone?  If so, let me know.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great Easter Sunday everyone!

11 thoughts on “Be Nice to Alaska Airlines Phone Rep; Get 1,000 Free Miles

  1. Lancelot

    My experience with Alaska Airlines representatives over the phone has been consistently top shelf. I wish I could fly with them more often. I live on the east coast so it’s just not practical for me. Glad to hear you got a bonus 1K miles, and I’m not surprised Alaska offers such a program. I feel they are the best domestic airline in the US.

    1. Grant Post author

      I’m glad we both agree on how fantastic Alaska Airlines’ CSR are. Now I just need to earn more AS Miles so I can book my next award. Have a great Easter weekend.

  2. Kate

    Being nice is just the way to go because it’s the right way to go through life. Glad you received your gift! Yesterday the Fairmont Santa Monica had some snafus getting us into our room, I never complained, just expressed concern about having time to clean up for dinner to meet friends. The very nice rep thanked me for being nice, and deposited a $150 credit to our room. I hadn’t asked for anything.

  3. Lee @ BaldThoughts

    It’s amazing when being normal is considered something to celebrate. We should all be nice because you never know if the person right before you was a royal jerk. You’ll look like a superstar by comparison because so many people have such an entitled attitude and drop attitude whenever they don’t get their way.

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