How Did Uber’s Terrible Year of PR Affect Drivers?

Uber’s 2017 was full of scandals at the corporate level, but the effect on driver morale and more importantly driver earnings, was limited. Our Uber insider, Harry Campbell, surveyed over 1,200 Uber and Lyft drivers and found out a ton of information. I think it’s interesting to know what’s going on behind the scenes, especially in a company that so many travelers utilize. Here are a few key takeaways from the survey results:

  • Despite a terrible year of PR for Uber in 2017, satisfaction among drivers actually went up! 58.2% of Uber drivers reported that they were satisfied with their Uber driving experience – a 9% increase in driver satisfaction from the prior year.
  • Rideshare drivers want a raise! Uber and Lyft drivers reported earning $16.93 per hour before expenses, but they want to be paid $25.67 per hour (a 31% increase).

  • Drivers liked Uber’s ‘180 Days of Change’ Campaign: 57.2% of drivers indicated that they were satisfied with Uber’s 180 Days of Change Campaign, which included additions like a tipping option and a 24/7 phone support line for drivers.
  • Drivers prefer Lyft Line over UberPOOL: Uber drivers have always hated UberPOOL with only 22% of drivers saying they’re satisfied with the product but for Lyft’s competing service, Lyft Line, 45.5% of drivers were satisfied. This may be due to the fact that Lyft pays higher rates than Uber on shared rides.
  • Lyft saw an increase in market share: Lyft increased their market share among all drivers by 13% during 2017 although a majority of drivers (58.7%) still consider Uber their primary source of income.
  • Drivers earn more with experience: Experienced drivers reported earning over $5 per hour more than new drivers.
  • Drivers want to be fingerprinted but don’t want to be employees: 76% of drivers want to be independent contractors and 63% would be in favor of fingerprint based background checks – Uber and Lyft are staunchly opposed to fingerprint based background checks.

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