Office Depot Boise Paper 2 Cases Rebate ($80 OD/OM Gift Card) Timeline

Last month, Doctor of Credit shared a deal from Office Depot / OfficeMax where you could buy $116 worth of paper for $60 (with coupon) and get an $80 OD/OM Gift Card as a rebate.  I immediately jumped at the offer to spend $60 and get an $80 OD/OM Gift Card, plus I could donate the paper to my girlfriend’s elementary school (win-win).

A few days later, Office Depot changed the terms of the rebate so that you had to buy the paper in-store, not online.  I was waiting and hoping for the best since I had already submitted my rebate before the rebate terms were changed.  I have good news to share.  I purchased 2 cases of paper online, submitted 1 rebate form, and received an $80 OD/OM Gift Card.  In this post, I will document the dates of the rebate.  I purchased the 2 cases of paper on April 10 around 4pm.

Here is the breakdown of the order, showing the original price ($115.98), the $60 coupon discount, and the total price ($60.81).

I then went to the rebate PDF and saw that I could submit the rebate online.

I submitted the rebate a few minutes later on April 10.

The following day(April 11), my order was shipped and I believe the cases arrived that same day.

Fast forward almost a month and I received an email from Office Depot on May 8 stating that my rebate was approved and the OD/OM Gift Card would be mailed to me.  The rebate only showed the $40 amount, so I was worried that I would only get a $40 OD/OM Gift Card and not the $80 OD/OM Gift Card I thought I would get.

Luckily, I received an $80 OD/OM Gift Card yesterday (May 14).  I don’t have any plans to buy anything at OD/OM, so I plan on selling my $80 gift card.

It all worked out fine for me, and I hope it worked out well for everyone who participated in this rebate.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

2 thoughts on “Office Depot Boise Paper 2 Cases Rebate ($80 OD/OM Gift Card) Timeline

  1. GL

    I did a mail in and kept a copy of the pre-change of terms rebate form. I got a notification of rejection of my rebate request. I called in and they gave me the whole thing about having to purchase in store, and thankfully I had the terms and conditions to back me up. They approved the rebate in the end.

    1. Grant Post author

      That’s great. Good thing you had the original terms available. I hate when promos are ended early or changed after the promo begins.


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