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Hilton, Hyatt, IHG and AAdvantage Points Sale–Expiring Starting Tomorrow!

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Seems to me hotel and airline loyalty program points fall into a few different categories. Some points you know you’ll put to great use, and some points you’ll likely use and even have a general travel plan for. And some hotel and airline points you scratch your head and wonder how the heck you’ll use them! Whether or not to buy hotel and airline points when promotions are running depends on which of these three categories the loyalty program falls into. When it comes to Hyatt points, Hilton points, and IHG points, I always have a plan for them!

We have a few hotel points sales going on right now with Hyatt, Hilton, and IHG. The sales expire soon, so take a look if you’re planning some hotel stays and can use these points at a discount. We also have an American Airlines AAdvantage sale going on right now, as well. It’s not the best offer ever. But if you’re tapped out of AA miles like I am after using a huge stash of my miles for my trip to Spain, and need some AA miles for trips you’re planning, a discount, even a small one, is better than paying full price when you need to top off your account.

We all like to travel more for less, so it is good to know your options, even when the deals don’t work for you. Topping up accounts for an upcoming hotel stay or trip can serve us well when we can get more value from the cost of the stays then we spend on buying those points.

Hyatt is my number one hotel loyalty program and when they offer points for sale, my ears perk up. I use up my Hyatt points as quickly as they come to me, so I can never have enough of them.

I use Hyatt points the most and get great value from them. I accrue them from my Hyatt stays, too. I can transfer Ultimate Reward points to Hyatt, but I generally prefer to use my Ultimate Reward points for award flights. When Hyatt runs a points promotion I always take a look at it and weigh the cost of the points with my travel plans and potential Hyatt hotel costs.

Also remember that there can be great value in redeeming points or cash and points for lower category Hyatt properties, as well. Don’t forget when you search for Points+Cash nights to use the corporate code 51440. This code brings up cash and points rates if available.

I’ve got some upcoming stays at Hilton properties, so my Hilton points will be disappearing soon. And as soon as I finish a “conversation” with IHG about some points that never posted to my IHG account, I’ll be putting my IHG points to use, too.

Bottom Line

Buying points can be a good deal as long as you make math your friend and have a plan in mind. The Golden Rule about this that works best for me is to not purchase points I don’t see myself using within a years time. I would think most, if not all of us, have had some fantastic hotel stays in great properties using hotel points. I have been able to get super value from buying and redeeming hotel points. Points help me travel more for less! What’s been your best redemption of hotel or airline points so far this year?

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