Sinemia’s Fall Promo & Trying to Understand Cardless Activation and Membership Dates

Good morning, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Yesterday, I talked about MoviePass (Cannot Sign Into MoviePass App on New iPhone Due to “Unauthorized Device” Error Message).  Today, I will give Sinemia some love too.  Sinemia, a MoviePass competitor, recently launched their Fall Season Promo where you can get 3 movies per month for $9.99, 30 movies per month for $29.99 or several other combinations of 2D / 3D movies and family plans.  If you are not familiar with Sinemia, please read this post.  I also wanted to explain how Sinemia’s Cardless Activation process works and if it is worth an extra $9.99 to activate your membership right away.

I actually have 2 Sinemia accounts, both the 3 movies per month for $9.99 plan, for myself and my girlfriend.  I signed up for the first Sinemia account on August 30 and I am still waiting for my physical card to arrive in the mail (they are a little backlogged due to their promo prices).  In the email, it said “We are now taking the necessary steps to activate Sinemia Cardless for your account and this could take 1-2 weeks.”  I misread that to mean that my Sinemia card would arrive in 1-2 weeks and I could start using it then (similar to how I waited for my MoviePass card to arrive).  What I now understand is that your Sinemia membership will be activated in 1-2 weeks and you can start using the service with their Cardless Advance Ticket Purchase feature.

Here is more information about Sinemia’s Accelerated Cardless Activation feature from their FAQ page:

2 weeks later on September 13, my first Sinemia account was activated and I received this email stating that I could use my membership to purchase tickets.

When I go to the membership tab in my first Sinemia account, it shows that my membership started on 9/12 (one day earlier than expected).  Here are the key dates for my first Sinemia account:

  • Signed up for account on 8/30/18
  • Cardless Activation completed on 9/13/18
  • Sinemia Membership start date on 9/12/18
  • Monthly subscription renews on 10/11/18

Let’s take a look at my second Sinemia account (the one I got for my girlfriend).  I used some of my Sinemia credits to gift a Sinemia membership to my girlfriend on September 9.  This time, instead of waiting the 1-2 weeks for the membership to be activated, I paid an extra $9.99 for the accelerated cardless activation.

As you can see, the $9.99 Sinemia accelerated cardless activation charge went through on September 9.

My second Sinemia account was ready to use right away.  Here are the key dates for my second Sinemia account:

  • Signed up for account on 9/9/18
  • Paid for Cardless Activation on 9/9/18
  • Sinemia Membership start date on 9/8/18
  • Monthly subscription renews on 10/7/18

So the question becomes, is waiting 2 weeks for your Sinemia membership to start worth saving $9.99?  That is up to you to decide, but I think it is worth the extra cost to start using your membership right away. Sign up for Sinemia and start enjoying cheaper movies!  If you have any questions about Sinemia, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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