Chase Offers Are Back: What You Need to Know

Everyone loves AMEX offers, right? Amex offers are one of the most reliable benefits of the card. But why should AMEX get all the love. Chase ended their Chase Offers program back in April leaving us with a promise of a new and improved one. I’m thinking many of us are happy to hear that in a few days, Chase is bringing back Chase Offers.

Here’s What You Need to Know

1. Chase cardholders will begin to see offers between November 11 and November 19, 2018.

2. The offers are on Chase’s personal credit cards for sure, and it’s not yet clear whether the offers will also be attached to Chase’s business cards. And as a reminder, you must activate the offer before you use it.

3. Cardholders will see the Chase offers in targeted emails, and through the Chase Mobile App and the Chase Pay App. I’m hoping Chase will also make them available online. Why exclude that option since so many of us are using other offers, like the AMEX ones, through our online accounts?

4. While AMEX offers seem to be the same for everyone, though not on every card, Chase is looking at our spending habits and targeting our offers based on that information. You may have a different take on this but frankly, I’d rather Chase send me all offers and let me decide which ones will work for me.

5. It’s not clear YET whether we’ll accrue Chase Ultimate Reward points on these offers. Right now Chase offers will give a 5% cash back on spend credited within a week or two.

Bottom Line

Chase bringing back Chase offers is a good thing. Chase giving us online offers within our accounts, AND Ultimate Reward points for our shopping would be a GREAT thing!

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