Southwest Airlines Changes Their Refund Policy and We Actually Benefit!

I’m not the best when it comes to statistics, but I’d be willing to bet that when airlines make policy changes the odds are NOT in our favor those changes are to our advantage. But sometimes I’m happy to be proven wrong and have those odds go against me. And that’s just what happened not too long ago when Southwest updated one of their ticket change policies.

For some backstory, in September of 2017 I wrote about realizing that Southwest’s refundable tickets weren’t actually refundable. Then I caught news of that policy being changed back to the GREAT way refunds were originally handled! You may have missed this because it wasn’t talked about much or well covered by many travel bloggers. If you use Southwest Airlines and make changes to your tickets or even cancel them, read more here and here. This is one of those update blog posts I’m happy to write. Now if only SWA would give me some good Hawaii news to write about! And don’t forget, right now all 4 Southwest credit cards have 60,000 point welcome offers.

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