Amazon Offering Free Shipping During the Holidays!

It’s no big news story that Amazon wants to be MOTU (Master of the Universe)……well at the very least the shopping universe! So when this story became news last week about Amazon offering free shipping during the holiday season, it wasn’t that much of a surprise. 

I have Amazon Prime so this doesn’t affect me. But it did get me wondering if people knew about this offer. I wondered if shoppers would shift their purchases to Amazon simply because of the free shipping. Or maybe purchase the same items they intended to buy, but not have to batch order them for the usual free shipping that comes from spending over a certain dollar amount.

What’s your take on this? The people who have Amazon Prime seem to be pretty vocal about not liking this. If you have Amazon Prime do you think Amazon should sweeten the pot for you since you pay for this service? Will this offer change your shopping patterns at all?

4 thoughts on “Amazon Offering Free Shipping During the Holidays!

  1. Charlie

    I think free shipping is wonderful. I will make good use of it for Christmas gifts for out of town family. I am not and have not ever paid money to be part of Amazon Prime.


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