Don’t Take This Long-Haul Flight Advice Sitting Down!

Sitting for long periods of time on airplanes is an experience many of us have had. My longest flight was 15 hours, and though all those movies and business class meals helped to pass the time, that’s still a long time to be in an airplane. Of course I don’t sit all the time. I get up and walk around as often as I need to.

Recently, Gary Leff at View From The Wing wrote a post asking, “How Long Can You Sit?” It wasn’t actually about sitting but rather about the 26 longest flights, which of course means a ton of potential sitting. It’s an interesting read and it made me remember a great article to share with you. I ask all my health and fitness clients to read it. Sitting a lot, whether on a plane during a flight, or during the course of a more “normal” day takes its toll on all of us. In many cases a big toll! HOW you sit can make a huge difference in how you feel, so give this article a read.

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