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Maybe You Can’t Avoid Resort Fees, But You Can Pay Less For Your Hotel Room

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Resort fees, destination fees; call them what you want, they all stink. Hotels have a menu (except we don’t get to pick and choose) of junk fees that are attached to our bills for all kinds of “services and amenities” that used to be complimentary or something we could choose to pay extra for. I don’t think any of us really believe hotel claims about why they’re now adding on these fees. From what I’ve read, it seems like these fees enable hotels to still claim their rates are lower and also pay less to travel agents since commissions are paid based on the base rate, not the total rate.

But I digress. Even though we may not be able to avoid resort/destination fees, we can be proactive about saving money on hotel rooms. It’s no secret that my go-to resource for making sure I’m getting the best possible deal on hotel rooms is Pruvo. And just last week I was happy to see Greg at Frequent Miler suggest Pruvo as one of his recommended tools to use for hotel deals!

With the holidays and busy travel season upon us, I reached out to Pruvo to see IF there were locations where they were noticing price drops on hotel stays. And if so, in which locations.

Turns out if you’re heading to Vegas, New York, or Thailand (and not just in Bangkok) Pruvo is seeing a drop in hotel prices at a higher rate than in other places. Now, of course, these are not the only locations where hotel prices drop. They are just a few locations that Pruvo picked up as offering good deals right now. But it shows us that when we book hotel prices we may think we’re getting a good price but it can always get better!

Bottom Line

Always Pruvo-proof all your hotel reservations. Pruvo tracks hotel reservations from ANY website, as long as the reservation is free cancellation. It’s like an insurance policy for your hotel reservations, only it’s free to use. If the price goes down, you score. If the price doesn’t go down, at least you know you’re getting the best possible price. It’s a no-brainer to let Pruvo do what it does best while you go on about planning the rest of your trip.

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