Who Wants To Be Italy’s Next Dubbing Star? Do You Have What It Takes?

I love traveling to Italy. Is there anyone who doesn’t? One way I immerse myself in local culture when in Italy is to go see a movie, even if I don’t completely understand the language. I do this whenever I travel and it’s always fun. Movie-going culture is so different and fascinating around the world. I’ve noticed that often movies use dubbing rather than subtitles.

But who knew there was such a fervor around dubbing? Especially in Italy. Turns out that most Italians demand dubbing! They expect their favorite TV shows and movies to be dubbed in Italian and believe it or not, Italian actors who dub movies are huge superstars in Italy. You’ll love listening to this short story and meeting the Italian Brad Pitt, as well as many other famous actors. Just listen……. I don’t want to spoil it for you!

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