How to Easily Convert a Discover Credit Card Online

Good morning everyone, it is now possible to convert an existing Discover credit card into a different Discover credit card online (hat tip to Don at Doctor of Credit).  I currently have a Discover It Credit Card and a Discover It Miles Credit Card.  My Discover It Miles Credit Card is over a year old, so I already got my double points after the first year.  Now the credit card only earns 1.5x on all purchases, so I don’t use that credit card anymore.  I would much rather have another Discover It Credit Card and have access to rotating 5% cash back categories.  To convert your existing Discover credit card online, click here and sign into your Discover online account.

Then you need to select which Discover credit card you want to convert.  Since I want to convert my Discover It Miles Credit Card, I select that credit card and click the Continue button.

For some reason, the Discover website kept selecting my Discover It Credit Card, instead of my Discover It Miles Credit Card.  I tried several times, but it kept happening.

I’m not sure if this will work for everyone, but I decided to freeze my Discover It Credit Card (temporarily locking it from being used).  That allowed me to get to the right page to convert my Discover It Miles Credit Card.  After the process was completed, I unfroze my Discover It Credit Card.

As you can see, the Discover website is now showing my Discover It Miles Credit Card.  I now have the option to convert to either the Discover It Credit Card or the Discover It Chrome Credit Card.  I decided I wanted another Discover It Credit Card, so I clicked the Get Started button underneath the Discover It Credit Card.

I confirmed all the details were correct and clicked the Continue button.

I then clicked the Submit button to agree to the new terms & conditions.

My new credit card will arrive after my current credit card billing statement ends.

I also received an email from Discover with details of the conversion.

The process was pretty straightforward, after I was able to get to the correct screen.  If you have any questions about the conversion process, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

10 thoughts on “How to Easily Convert a Discover Credit Card Online

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    1. Grant Post author

      I’m not 100% sure, but I would say no since the Discover credit card number should stay the same and you are not requesting a new credit limit.

  4. Ron

    Grant, thanks for the link. Could not find the conversion link when searching thru my account.

    Discover is now unilaterally converting It cards to Miles cards – so you no longer get access to the 5% rotating categories – chat told me it was because of my “spend patterns” (I only used the card for 5% spend). I had it happen a few months ago and didn’t even realize I had been switched to a Miles card – just thought my old card had expired and they sent a new replacement. While searching, I had opened a chat and they converted me back to the It card with the 5% rotating categories. Sneaky bastards.

    1. Grant Post author

      Oh wow, that is really sneaky. The Discover It Miles CC is not very good after the first year, so I expect most people to convert to the regular Discover It CC.

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