Add Funds in the Starbucks App to Trigger Starbucks AMEX Offer (15% Cash Back)

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is off to a great (sleepy) start.  I was at the Seattle FTU travel conference over the weekend and enjoyed listening to the great presentations and talking to many new and returning attendees.  In other news, there is a Starbucks AMEX Offer that came out a few weeks ago that I recently linked to my American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card.  With the AMEX Offer, you can get 15% cash back on Starbucks, up to $5 cash back.  $5 may not seem like much, but that is basically a free drink and 15% discount on Starbucks is a pretty good discount.  You can sometimes buy more discounted Starbucks eGCs online, but those are prone to fraud and I didn’t want to risk my Starbucks account to save a few bucks.  With the AMEX Offer, it clearly states that “app reloads” will work for the AMEX Offer, so that is exactly what I did.

In the Starbucks app, click on the Cards tab and click the Add Money button.  Then add your American Express credit card that you have linked to the AMEX Offer.  Then select the amount you want to reload.  To max out the $5 cash back amount, you would need to load $33.33 ($33.33 x 15% = $5).  But the Starbucks app only has set reload amounts ($5.00, $10,00, etc. in $5 increments), so I decided to load $30 to my Starbucks card.  Then click the green button to load your Starbucks card.

Shortly after the reload was processed, I received a confirmation email from Starbucks.  I thought the AMEX Offer email would come around the same time, but it never showed up.  I was slightly nervous, but decided to wait a few days and see what happened.

Thankfully, after just 2 days, the Starbucks AMEX Offer cash back posted to my account ($30 x 15% = $4.50).  I don’t go to Starbucks very often (I much prefer Peet’s Coffee in the Bay Area), but I can always find a use for Starbucks either around the country or at any airport.

If you have any questions about triggering the Starbucks AMEX Offer, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

6 thoughts on “Add Funds in the Starbucks App to Trigger Starbucks AMEX Offer (15% Cash Back)

  1. tjp74

    Interestingly I received credit for desktop website reload too. First, I didn’t read the terms and condition and went to to login to my account and loaded $25 into my card. Not receiving instant amex offer confirmation email, I read the terms and realized it has to be ‘in store’ or app purchase only. So opened the app on the phone and made a $10 reload just to see. still no email. but now I see $5 credit total for both purchases. So looks like it works for any reload… in store, app or desktop even though terms says otherwise… but then that’s nothing new. Amex offer tends to work better than what the term says.

    1. Grant Post author

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Glad the online reloads worked to trigger the Starbucks AMEX Offer. You are right, the terms are one thing, but what AMEX does, can sometimes be another thing entirely.

  2. veeRob

    Thanks for the instructions, though I think loading $35 is better as you max out the 15% off benefit. It basically works out to 10% off on the extra $5, which is still worth it to me.

    1. Grant Post author

      I was looking at it like 15% off $30 was better than 15% off $33.33 and 0% off the remaining $1.67. It doesn’t make much difference either way.


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