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Easily Request a Credit Limit Increase (No Hard Pull) via the Citi App

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Good morning everyone.  I stumbled on this a few days ago when I was using the Citi app to check on my Citi credit cards.  I found out that you can request a credit limit increase instantly through the Citi app and there is no hard pull (which would affect your credit score).  All 3 of my credit reports are frozen and I was able to request credit limit increases on all 5 of my Citi credit cards (and all 5 requests were instantly approved).  Here’s how… Sign into the Citi app, select the credit card you want to request a credit limit increase, and then click the Expand button beneath the card art.

If you are eligible for a credit limit increase (I am not sure what the requirements are, but I have had all 5 of these Citi credit cards for 2+ years), you should see a message that reads “Request an Increase” underneath your current credit limit.  Answer the questions Citi asks (I was asked about current annual income and monthly mortgage/rent payment) and click the Next button.

Confirm your answers are correct and click the Submit button.  If you are approved for the credit limit increase, you should see a Congratulations message, along with your newly increased credit limit.  As you can see, my $6,000 credit limit was increased $2,000 to $8,000.  If you want an even higher credit limit, you can contact Citi, but they will do a hard pull.

The newly increased credit limit is instantly available to you and can be seen in the Citi app.  You will also receive a confirmation email from Citi (email arrived about 30 minutes after I was approved for the credit limit increase).

I repeated the same steps for all 5 of my Citi credit cards and each credit card received a credit limit increase of between $1,500 – $2,000.  After 2 minutes, I had increased my total credit limit with Citi between $7,500 – $10,000.  Having a higher credit limits means that I will have a lower credit utilization ratio which will increase my credit score.  I’m not sure how often you can request a credit limit increase via the Citi app.

If you have any questions about requesting a credit limit increase through the Citi app, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Easily Request a Credit Limit Increase (No Hard Pull) via the Citi App

  1. Carl

    Thanks for this walk-through, Grant. I’d recently gotten solicited to do this for my Prestige (Citi sent email and even snail mail encouraging me to see what was behind the Request an increase button), but I guess I presumed using the option when they hadn’t targeted you would be a HP. I tried this for my Citi AA and it instantly added $3.5k to my CL, bringing it in line with the Prestige increase they’d provided last month.

    1. Grant Post author

      That’s great, I’m glad you were instantly approved for the credit limit increase. I’m sure I got similar emails from Citi regarding requesting credit limit increases but probably instantly dismissed them because I thought there would be a hard pull too. After several days, I still haven’t gotten any credit monitoring alerts from any of the services I use.

      Do you have multiple Citi CCs? Are they also eligible for a credit limit increase? If yes, will you request credit limit increases on those CCs as well?

  2. Stuart

    Grant, you are the man. Got a 8k increase on my Prestige, 3k on the Double Cash and 2k on Citi Premier. That worked like a champ!

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