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Rumor: Capital One to Launch Premium Credit Card (Q2 2020 Launch)

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I have it on good authority that Capital One is going to launch a premium credit card to compete with the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Platinum Card from American Express, and other premium cards.  My source has let me know the following details about this card:

  • 10X points per dollar on hotels booked through the Capital One portal
  • 5X points per dollar on airfare booked through the Capital One portal
  • 4X points per dollar at restaurants
  • 1X points per dollar on all other purchases
  • Additional point bonuses at certain spend thresholds
  • $300 travel credit
  • $495 annual fee

I’ve been told that this card is slated for a Q2 2020 launch, so it may be awhile before we have confirmation about this card offering and any of the specific details.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on any developments!

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25 thoughts on “Rumor: Capital One to Launch Premium Credit Card (Q2 2020 Launch)

      1. Tigris23

        I think he meant cards that offer 2x everywhere are better than ones that offer different rates on different categories.

    1. Mark R.

      With all the new announcements today about 2 new Capital One airport lounges PLUS new transfer partners, hopefully these are leading indicators of this rumored premium card

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  2. Steve

    I’m not surprised! Capital One coffee shops kick-ass and the airline transfer program is solid. If Capital-One can work on hotel points they could very well become the greatest cars on the market. Ahoy not hotels?

  3. John

    “Capital One to Launch Premium Credit Card”…for which they will approve almost no one in the rewards-collecting community.

  4. Boraxo

    No thanks – doesn’t really move the needle v Chase or Amex. Nobody interested in booking travel thru proprietary portals.

  5. Noelle H Sproul

    Agreed on no interest in proprietary portals, but if it has good travel insurance and easy statement credit, plus bonus worth my while, I will consider. We are about to cancel our premium AmEx Hilton since it has no travel protection and the credits are too difficult to use. USB Altitude and Chase Sapphore Reserve get most of our spending (unless bonuses elsewhere).

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  9. thatirieguy

    Doesn’t help that they are also restricting to the 5/24 rule either. I was dinged and confirmed it with a higher ranking representative.

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  12. Vicki Murphy

    I have used Capital One MasterCard for about 15 years. I get 2 points for every dollar I spend on CapitalOne & have made lots of trip with those points. I will NOT use the new card because mine has worked well.


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