Chase Launches Rewards Dashboard for Southwest Airlines Credit Cards (Track Travel Credit & Upgraded Boarding Passes)

Good afternoon everyone.  I just received an email from Chase regarding a new Rewards Dashboard that is now available for my Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card.  I don’t have any other personal or business Southwest Airlines credit cards, so I am not sure if this Rewards Dashboard is just for Priority credit cards or for all Southwest Airlines credit cards, but based on the interface, I bet it works with all Southwest Airlines credit cards.  The strange thing about the Chase email is that it tells me to sign into my Chase account, go to my Secure Messages and read the letter.  Why not just send me the details directly to my email?  Does anyone else find this strange?

Anyway, here is what the letter in my Secure Messages says.  With the new Rewards Dashboard, you can track your spend toward the $75 annual travel credit and how many Upgraded Boarding passes you have used.

To get to the Rewards Dashboard, go to your Southwest account, click the More link, and then click the Rewards Dashboard link.

The Rewards Dashboard looks very clean and organized.  As you can see, I used up my $75 annual travel credit and that will reset in January 2021.  I haven’t used any of my Upgraded Boarding passes this year, so I still have 4 passes to use before the counter resets in January 2021.  I thought these benefits were based on cardmember year, but it looks like Chase has changed it to calendar year.  Someone correct me if I am wrong about that.  These benefits are based on a cardmember year, not calendar year, so the benefits go into affect the month after your annual fee is billed.

All in all, the Rewards Dashboard looks clean and organized.  It is great to see how many benefits I have used (or not used) on this credit card.  If you have any of the other personal or business Southwest Airlines credit cards, please let me know if you have access to the Rewards Dashboard and if you see anything interesting.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

4 thoughts on “Chase Launches Rewards Dashboard for Southwest Airlines Credit Cards (Track Travel Credit & Upgraded Boarding Passes)

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  2. mike

    it’s cardmember year. my dashboard indicates my benefit resets on the first day following my statement end date after my cardmember anniversary. my anniversary date is 1 november and my statement ebd date after this date is 17 november. chase indicates my new rewards begin 18 november.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Mike, thanks for sharing your experience. Maybe my product change messed up the dates for me. I originally had the SWA Plus CC that was opened on November 3. I converted to the SWA Priority CC the following year on December 18. But for some reason, my $149 annual fee for the SWA Priority CC was charged on June 1. So strange.

      Let me update that section of my post to clarify that it is by cardmember year, not calendar year.

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