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Hilton Timeshare Vacation Package Deals: $299 for 4 Night Stay + 150,000 HH Points (7 Destinations Available) [Expires January 10]

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Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is going well.  I just received a great timeshare vacation package offer from Hilton Grand Vacations that should be available to everyone.  There are 7 destinations available to choose from and the cost is $299 for a 4 Night / 5 Day stay, plus you will get 150,000 Hilton Honors Points.  150K HH Points is worth $750 to me, so Hilton Grand Vacations is giving you a 4 night stay + $750 in points in exchange for paying $299 and attending a 2 hour timeshare sales presentation.  That is a pretty sweet deal!  I have experience with timeshare sales presentations and they are not too bad.  I will go through the booking process to show you what it is like, what is included, and how much it costs.

Here is the email I received and here is the link to the landing page.  This offer expires on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, so act fast if you are interested.

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Here is the bottom of the email, but it only shows 4 out of 7 destinations available.

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Here are the terms and conditions at the bottom of the email.  Funny that Hilton value’s 150,000 points at $1,500 (1 CPP) – ya right!

Guests must purchase by January 10, 2023, to enjoy a 5-day/4-night stay for $299 plus tax in Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Scottsdale, Arizona; Daytona Beach, Florida; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Williamsburg, Virginia; or Gatlinburg, Tennessee at a participating hotel within the Hilton portfolio of brands (valued at $175-$500/night). Guests will receive 150,000 Hilton Honors™ Bonus Points (valued at $1,500) after attending a sales presentation. Redemption of Points is subject to Hilton Honors Terms and Conditions and valid membership.

You have up to 12 months from purchase date to travel. Please read complete Details of Participation. As part of your vacation package, you’ll attend a two-hour sales presentation, where you’ll learn how you and your family can enjoy the many benefits and privileges of vacation ownership with Hilton Grand Vacations.


Prices range from $8,450 – $772,990 for deeded interest; U.S. and Hawaii Trusts range from $4.15 to $5.80 per Point with a minimum purchase of 4,000 Points. Pricing is without promotions and discounts and subject to change. This is not an offer or solicitation to any person residing in a jurisdiction where the timeshare interest is not yet registered.
We respect your privacy. For a full description of our privacy policy, please click here. To unsubscribe from email offers, please click here. 

Hilton Grand Vacations® is a registered trademark of Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. or its subsidiaries and licensed to Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. Hilton Grand Vacations and its properties and programs operate under the Hilton Grand Vacations name pursuant to a license agreement with Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.
Hilton Honors™ is a trademark of Hilton Honors Worldwide LLC. MKT-HON-FSG23-ENG-010323-02 © 2023 Hilton Grand Vacations Inc.

Here is the link to the landing page.  I decided to do a dummy booking for the Scottsdale, Arizona package.  All the packages are $299 + tax (but the taxes will differ depending on the location of the property).

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For the Scottsdale, Arizona package, there are 3 Hampton Inn / Hilton Garden Inn locations to pick from and the timeshare sales presentation will probably be at the nearby Hilton Grand Vacation club.  Make sure you are aware of the participating properties since some times they will not be at the Hilton Grand Vacation club.

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Here are the 6 other destinations and their participating properties.

For the Scottsdale, Arizona package, the total came to $340.92 after tax.  Like I mentioned earlier, the taxes will vary depending on the location.

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You can select your preferred travel dates, but those dates are not guaranteed until Hilton Grand Vacations processes your request within 2 business days.

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Lastly, you can pay for the timeshare vacation package online.  From past experience, this will not earn bonus Hilton points if paying with a Hilton credit card and will not code as a resort for the Hilton Aspire.

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I didn’t go through with booking the timeshare vacation package, but the booking process seemed pretty easy.  The hardest part will probably be selecting your travel dates, which you should do as soon as possible before all the good dates are gone.  I am going to pass on this offer since I don’t have any immediate plans to be in any of these cities, but these are great deals since Hilton is basically paying you to stay at their hotels and attend a timeshare sales presentation.

Just remember to stick to your guns and say no at the timeshare sales presentation.  I find them to be mostly interesting, with a scattering of white lies and half truths sprinkled in.  If you are familiar with the Hilton Honors program, you will probably be able to spot them from a mile away and don’t be surprised if you know more about the programs than the timeshare sales people.  One of my favorite things to do is call out their exaggerated points prices when the sales people say that Hilton points are worth 1 cent or more (ya right!).  If you have any questions about the timeshare vacation packages or attending a timeshare sales presentation, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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