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New Targeted Capital One Travel Discounts (Ex: $30 Off Flights to Montana on Any Airline)

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Good afternoon everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  Last month, I wrote PSA: Check for Targeted Capital One Travel Discounts (Ex: $75 Off Flights to Montana & $30 Off Flights to New Mexico).  In that post, I showed how to search your Capital One Travel portal to see if you had any targeted travel offers (usually discounts on hotels and flights to select states).  I took advantage of both offers ($75 off flights to Montana & $30 off flights to New Mexico) and continued to check daily to see if new offers would appear.

Thankfully, my persistence paid off and I found new offers in my Capital One Travel portal.  I only had 1 flight deal ($30 off flights to Montana), but I decided to take advantage of the offer and booked another flight to Montana.  As you can see, the $30 discount is applied to the total and you can pay the remaining balance with your Capital One Venture X Credit Card or Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card to earn 5x points on flights booked through the travel portal or pay with your existing Capital One points.

Once these flights are booked, you can go to the airline website or app to select seats or make any modifications to the reservations, assuming you did not purchase basic economy.  If you check your offers, please share which targeted offers you see and provide your home state, for reference.  If you have any questions about booking flights through the Capital One Travel portal and using these targeted offers, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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