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$65 InKind Credit for $27 (Stack $25 Citi Merchant Offer, $13 InKind Bonus & Maybe 160 JetBlue Points)

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Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is going well.  A few days ago, Frequent Miler wrote a post about a new Citi Merchant Offer for InKind and I wanted to test it out before writing about the deal.  Now through February 29, there is a widely available Citi Merchant Offer for InKind that is offering a $25 statement credit after spending $50 or more.  I am a huge fan of InKind and have written many posts about the service over the last year (view InKind posts).  If you new to InKind, you can use my referral link which will give you a $25 reward bonus after you spend $50 or more with InKind (you should be able to stack a new account bonus with the Citi Merchant Offer).  If you an existing InKind members, keep reading for more info on how to stack a few InKind deals together.

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To enroll in the InKind Citi Merchant Offer, click here and sign into your Citi online account.  Then click on the Dining & Entertainment tab and then look for the InKind offer.  If you have several offers, you may need to hit the plus sign icon to load more offers.  I found the InKind offer on 6 of my Citi credit cards and was able to add the offer to all 6 cards.

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JetBlue Shopping also has a card linked offer for InKind that is offering 160 JetBlue points after you spend $50 or more with InKind.

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I added all 6 of my Citi credit cards to the My Cards section of JetBlue Shopping.  I have not received the 160 JetBlue points yet, so I am not sure how long that will take or if I am allowed to use the offer multiple times with different credit cards.  I will update this section when I learn more.

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For the purposes of maximizing your return, there are 2 InKind eGift Card options:

In my opinion, the $52 offer has a higher return (25% vs 20%).  I went with the $52 offer and will receive $13 InKind credit as a bonus.

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I paid $52 with my Citi Double Cash on January 4 and received the $25 statement credit a few days later on January 7.

Immediately after paying, I received the email from InKind with the details of the $52 credit and $13 credit.  I was able to load both credits to my InKind account.  If you run into any issues, you should be able to “revoke” the gift card from your InKind app and that will deposit the InKind credits to your account.

Since the first Citi Merchant Offer went through smoothly, I will repeat the above steps for the 5 other Citi credit cards that have the offer.  I am skeptical that the 160 JetBlue points will post for all 6 transactions, but if it does, that will be the icing on top of my cake.  Spending $27 ($52 – $25 = $27) to get $65 in InKind credit is a great deal (240% return) and I’m hoping we see several more InKind offers throughout the year.  If you have any questions about stacking these offers, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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4 thoughts on “$65 InKind Credit for $27 (Stack $25 Citi Merchant Offer, $13 InKind Bonus & Maybe 160 JetBlue Points)

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Eddie, from what I’ve read in the Frequent Miler comments, you cannot stack SimplyMiles with Citi merchant Offers, I believe both programs now use the same backend service so the stack doesn’t work anymore.


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