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Transfer Limits & Times for Wyndham Rewards to Caesars Rewards; No Taxes on Hotels Booked with Points

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Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is going well.  I am planning a trip to Las Vegas in the coming weeks and wanted to stay on the Las Vegas Strip at a Caesars Rewards property since I can use my Caesars Diamond Elite Status to get waived resort fees and easy access to the $100 Celebration Dinner voucher.  I am also planning on doing a few status matches to other casino programs and following the excellent guide created by Nick at Frequent Miler.

I also did some research on Caesars Rewards redemption options and you can use Caesars Rewards Points to pay for your hotel booking (during the booking process) and also during the hotel check-out process.  That lead me down the rabbit who to learn how the process worked and how long point transfers from Wyndham Rewards take to post to Caesars Rewards.

a screenshot of a casino website

I picked a random date at a random Las Vergas hotel (Paris Las Vegas on Saturday, June 1).  The cash price is $344.25 + $46.06 in tax = $390.31.

a screenshot of a hotel

If I change the rate from USD to Reward Credits (these are Caesars Rewards Points), the price is 34,425 points, but there are no taxes.  Therefore, Caesars Rewards Points are worth 1 cent per point (CPP) toward paid stays.  However, if you pay entirely with points, you are not charged taxes, which saves you 13%-14% on the hotel stay.  If you book the paid stay now, you can redeem points for the same 1 CPP when you check out from the hotel, but I believe you will still be charged taxes.  Therefore, it is better to book your hotel stay entirely with points from the start.

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So how do you get Caesars Rewards Points?  You can transfer points from Wyndham Rewards to Caesars Rewards.  I currently have 89K Wyndham Rewards Points (most are from a cancelled Vacasa stay) with no plans to use the points throughout the rest of the year, so I don’t mind getting 1 CPP toward a hotel stay in Las Vegas.  To get started, sign into your Wyndham Rewards account and go to the More Ways to Redeem page and click Point Transfer Partners.

a screenshot of a home

Then click the Caesars Rewards link.

a close-up of a card

You can transfer points in 2,500 point increments (worth $25 toward hotel stays), up to 60,000 points per calendar year.  To complete the transfer, enter your name, Caesars Rewards number, select the number of points you want to transfer and click the Transfer Points button.  Here is the direct link to this page.

a screenshot of a credit card

My upcoming hotel stay is a little more than $600, so I decided to transfer 60,000 Wyndham Rewards Points.  The points were deducted from my account right away, but the transfer to Caesars Rewards is not instant.  I submitted the points transfer on Monday, April 29.

a screenshot of a credit card

Here is the Wyndham Rewards confirmation email for the points transfer.

a screenshot of a computer

I checked my Caesars Rewards account (and app) several times over the next week and the 60,000 points finally posted to my account on Monday, May 6.  The transfer took ~7 days to complete, but that is just a single data point.  Unfortunately, there is no way to see recent transactions online or in the app.  It is also important to note that the rewards points expire after 6 months of inactivity, so don’t transfer points speculatively to Caesars Rewards unless you have plans to use the points within the next 6 months.

a screenshot of a credit card

I look forward to using my 60,000 Caesars Rewards Points for a hotel in Las Vegas in the coming weeks.  If you have any questions about the transfer or booking process, please leave a comment below.  Also, if you do the Wyndham Rewards point transfer to Caesars Rewards, please share how long the transfer took for you.  Have a great day everyone!

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70 thoughts on “Transfer Limits & Times for Wyndham Rewards to Caesars Rewards; No Taxes on Hotels Booked with Points

  1. mike

    beware wyndham re ceasars hotels has a habit (my last 2 redemptions) of charging both your points & cash rate on your credit card for same stay

  2. Zoos Traveller

    In case anyone is wondering, I am guessing Paris is so high on that Saturday for two reasons.

    The first is that it is a Saturday night, after all.

    The second is that date is the first Saturday of the WSOP which is being held at Paris/Horseshoe.

    If you decide at the end of your stay to use reward credits instead of cash or card, they should remove the taxes. At least they did for me, but that was a couple of years ago. I would say it is best to use reward credits at the start.

    As far as tier matching goes, just be sure to go to Wynn and then Fontainebleau. You maximize your Fontainebleau benefits that way.

    You can then go to an MGM property and get their Gold level.

    If you have someone who shares your address, they can share your Gold status so they can go to Wynn and then Fontainebleau to do the tier match at those casinos.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Zoos, that definitely explains the high rate for Saturday night, it is also part of Memorial Day weekend. The Sunday was even more expensive but we are leaving Sunday afternoon.

      Thanks for the data point that you can pay with points at checkout. I will ask if they can remove the taxes too.

      Yes, the plan is to get my updated Caesars Rewards Diamond card and $100 celebration dinner, then go to Wynn to match to Wynn Platinum ($100 spa credit, probably won’t be used and $150 dining credit doesn’t work since our birthday’s are not in May), then go to Fontainebleau to match to Fontainebleau Gold ($150 spa credit + $150 dining credit). I didn’t realize I could match to MGM Gold, but might as well.

      Re: “If you have someone who shares your address, they can share your Gold status so they can go to Wynn and then Fontainebleau to do the tier match at those casinos.” My wife is at the same address, are you saying she can use my MGM Gold status to match to Wynn and then match to Fontainebleau?

      1. Zoos Traveller

        About your wife getting the same status as you at MGM properties, that is exactly what I am saying.

        But from what I understand, it doesn’t have to be a relative. As long as the person shares your address and has ID to prove it, their account and yours can be linked with the same higher status.

        I think only two accounts can be linked so you can’t have your wife plus your mother-in-law who lives with you even if she has proper ID.

        Back when MGM had much better spend rules (25x tier credits per dollar spent), my wife and I both went from sapphire to pearl to gold on the same trip due to the spending on show tickets, hotel stay, and dining done through my player’s card simply because our statuses being linked.

        Your MGM Rewards accounts are separate, but your status is shared.

        Just be sure you and your wife go to the MGM property’s rewards desk together when doing the linking of accounts and the gold tier matching.

        Even though our status is already shared, we are going together to be on the safe side when we do the tier matching.

        Regarding using reward credits at the end, I did it through a host office and this was before El Dorado merged with Caesars. It should still be possible, but who knows.

        1. Grant Post author

          Thanks for providing more details. Laura and I will be in Vegas together so I’ll make sure we can both get MGM Gold status together.

          1. Zoos Traveller

            As a Caesars Diamond Plus, you and your wife can first go to MGM, then Wynn, and finally Fontainebleau together.

            I envy you because I am only Diamond so I am first having to go to Wynn and then Fontainebleau in order to get MGM gold. To save her feet in the Vegas heat, it will only be at that point when my wife joins me to go to an MGM property followed by trips back to Wynn and Fontainebleau for her cards at those properties.

            I feel like singing It’s A Small World as I have a relative, although it isn’t my wife, named Laura.

          2. Grant Post author

            I am only Caesars Diamond, not Caesars Diamond Elite (thanks to the WR status match and WR Biz CC). I think I have to do MGM match last after Fontainebleau.

  3. Zoos Traveller

    I am not sure why I thought you were Caesars Diamond Plus although in your first paragraph, you mentioned being Caesars Diamond Elite.

    If someone is a base Diamond, you are right the order would be Wynn, Fontainebleau, and an MGM property last. As you are staying at Paris, I think Bellagio would be the logical choice for this last stop.

    If someone shares your MGM status, they would then need to go to Wynn followed by Fontainebleau after acquiring MGM Gold in order to get the statuses there to which they are entitled.

    As I complete the first part of getting my cards, the wife will probably be getting a massage at Bellagio. We will then meet up there, get MGM Gold for both of us, then get her cards at Wynn and Fontainebleau.

    Wynn and Fontainebleau do not make you earn the requisite level points in order to reap the benefits of your new statuses at their respective resorts.

    However, I have read elsewhere that you do need to “activate” the cards and by that I mean you must put them in a machine and play a little before getting benefits like dining. Don’t know if it is true, but better safe than sorry.

    If you tier match, MGM does make you earn the requisite number of points in order to reap certain benefits. Complete details are on their website.

    With Caesars, you need one hundred tier points ($500 coin-in on slots) to get the Celebration Dinner if you acquired Diamond status through tier matching.

    That doesn’t mean it is $500 of your money originally. It is a combination of the money you put in the machine directly and the credits you win as you play.

    You didn’t ask for suggestions on your Celebration dinner, but I am going to give you some. Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars, Bugsy and Meyer’s at Flamingo, or Jack Binion’s at Flamingo. The wife and I have eaten at the first two and have eaten at Jack Binion’s at two other Caesars owned properties and really liked all three. Our upcoming trip is longer than yours and we are eating at two of the three along with Mother Wolf at Fontainebleau using their dining benefit. We are going to hit up the third when we go back to take advantage of Wynn’s birthday month dining benefit. Not sure where we will dine at Wynn.

    Not all restaurants participate in the Caesars Celebration Dinner program so someone should check Caesars’ website to be sure their choice does.

    Sorry for writing a book.

    1. Grant Post author

      Very helpful info, thank you for the order of steps and restaurant recommendations.

      We want to see the Cirque du Soleil Beatles Love Show at the Mirage. That is a Hard Rock casino, which uses the Unity program. Do you know if you can match to any level of Unity and if that benefit will allow me to purchase show tickets at a discount or any noticeable perks?

      1. Zoos Traveller

        Yes, you can tier match to Unity’s Icon status at Mirage AND you can match to Monarch at Resorts IF you have never had cards before.

        This according to a video at JacobsLifeInVegas.

        Unfortunately for me, I have cards at Resorts Las Vegas and at Hard Rock Hollywood Florida which is who is behind the Mirage. I am still going to try. The worst they can do is tell me no.

        I forget which card to use to get the highest status possible at these two resorts.

        Jacob has a couple of videos done in the last few weeks on tier matching. I have watched one. It was a good video, but do NOT follow his order. He is using MGM Pearl then going to Fontainebleau followed by Wynn to go back and get MGM gold and doesn’t take into consideration Caesars. IF you follow his order, you will not be the tier you could be at Fontainebleau.

        He does talk about tier matching at Mirage and Resorts.

        As far as any dinners go, I know Icon has that benefit at Mirage BUT you have to have earned that status rather then tier matched.

        Any level card at Mirage gets you show ticket discounts in general, but I don’t know about Beatles Love specifically.

        I am not sure I would wait to buy the tickets. Just being able to get tickets might override getting tickets at a discount.

        Prices for the show might be like airline tickets which go up in price and/or sell out the closer the date is.

        I hadn’t set up an online Unity account before I bought our tickets so I cannot tell you if we would have gotten a discount by using the card.

        This will be the third time I have seen the show and second time for the wife so we got the cheapest tickets.

        We have never watched the Mirage volcano erupt and are going to do that this trip as it will eventually be torn down to make way for a guitar shaped hotel tower. If you haven’t seen it either, you might want to do it.

        The Palms seems to tier match, but info is somewhat sketchy.

        As always, terms and conditions can change at any moment so check the respective websites.

        Again, I wrote another book.

        1. Grant Post author

          Thank you for all the helpful info. I looked into matching to Monarch status at Resorts World, but it looks like the Dining Credit and Airfare Reimbursement both require earning 250k Genting points, so that will not be helpful to me.

          I don’t think I’ve seen the volcano erupt so I will check that out.

  4. Zoos Traveller

    I will sometimes go back over my prior comments which I just did and I see a typo in one of them.

    Jack Binion’s is at Horseshoe and not Flamingo.

    One thing I keep meaning to mention, but forgetting to is that higher status will get you no resort fees, but there will still be refundable incidental fees.

    At Paris, for example, that is $50 a night.

    You get that money back, minus any incidentals you charged to the room, in seven to ten days. The resort says the time depends on your financial institution, but I think they are getting a free float on the money.

    I don’t know when the last time you, or anyone, has been to Vegas, but flat fee taxi service having been instituted might be worth mentioning.

    Now, you know exactly how much your taxi from the airport to a resort will cost and you don’t have to worry about getting overcharged by being longhauled.

    For those who don’t know, longhauling is when a taxi takes you the long way around to pad their fare. You used to have to tell taxi drivers, “No tunnel, no highway.” If you ended up going through the tunnel or on the highway, you got longhauled.

    Due to knowing how much that is, you can decide if booking a limo instead is a good idea. The advantage of a limo is not having to wait in a hot taxi line and the cars are in better shape inside and out.

    Where we are staying, a taxi would be about twenty-five dollars total, before any tip, for a trip from the airport and back again.

    Unlike a New York limo, pricing for a Vegas limo is round trip.

    The limo service was running a special for sixty-six dollars round trip, but the cheapest now is around a hundred dollars before any taxes and fees for a Tesla.

    We have always used the same service starting with our second trip and been very happy, but I don’t know if you want me to post the name so I won’t.

    1. Grant Post author

      I normally take an Uber / Lyft from the Las Vegas airport to the hotel and around town – I don’t trust taxi drivers. You can share the name of the limo company you use, it might be helpful for other readers.

  5. Zoos Traveller

    I don’t have, and don’t want to have, a credit/debit card saved to my phone and I understand you have to in order to use Uber or Lyft which is why we don’t use them.

    Getting around on the strip, we take taxis if we aren’t walking or using one of the trams. If planning on taxis, we just make sure we have plenty of cash.

    During your trip and ours, Vegas will be hot according to most people’s idea of hot so taxis are in our future.

    For a limo, we use Bell Trans. I thought that was the case since our second trip, but it was actually since our third or fourth.

    Before using limos, we took a taxi and got longhauled once.

    We stayed at a casino/resort for the first time as part of a large gathering and the wife and I didn’t have a good experience so I complained.

    The casino/resort was under new management and wanted to keep our group happy so they threw benefits our way.

    They gave us free transportation, free room, free food and beverage, and free show tickets.

    The limo was through Bell Trans. Since then, we have had Teslas up to once getting a stretch limo on a special trip.

    All have been with great drivers.

    1. Grant Post author

      Thank you for the limo company name, I will check out Bell Trans. Yes, it looks to be in the mid 90s which definitely qualifies as hot in my book!

      I like Uber since there are a few AMEX CCs that offer Uber credit and I can often buy Uber GCs for 10-15% off, but I understand your reasons for not using Uber with the stored credit card payment.

  6. Zoos Traveller

    The price for Bell Trans is more than what I posted so my apologies for the error.

    It is still worth it, in my opinion.

    Thanks to you for all you do with this website.

    1. Grant Post author

      Thank you for the heads up on the pricing. I’m glad you think the current prices are still worth it.

      Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend :)

  7. Zoos Traveller

    I should be the one thanking you for reading.

    To anyone going to Vegas at almost anytime of the year, one of the most important tips is to stay hydrated. The heat will sap your strength if you don’t.

    I don’t know if you leave articles open to comments, but if you do, I will make a comment dealing solely with how the tier matching went once we get back.

    1. Grant Post author

      Yes, all comments stay open indefinitely so you can provide an update after your stay on your tier matching. I will provide an update after my stay too.

  8. Zoos Traveller

    I was checking to see what other Las Vegas casino/resorts tier match and Sahara does although it is hard to tell what benefits you get as a tier matcher as opposed to earned and their website doesn’t even say what cards they match to. They make you ask someone at their rewards desk. My best suggestion is to figure out the highest level card you have and ask them to match that.

    The big benefits of tier matching for me are no resort fees and dedicated check-in lines and food credit is the cherry on top.

    1. Grant Post author

      I know, it is annoying when the casinos say that match competitors but don’t say what status they match from and what status they will match you to. I like waived resort fees and free dining credit is great too.

  9. dee

    We stayed at Paris April 22.. The room was a dump.. Walls cracked and overall the room was so worn out.. We had no status and could not get a more intact room.. A really bad 3 days there… add to it the cigarette smoke and stink weed everywhere…. fun,, Not

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Dee, that sounds terrible. I’m sorry your room was in bad shape and smelled like cigarette smoke and weed. I’ll report back on my room.

    2. Zoos Traveller

      Never stayed at Paris so I don’t know if the condition of the room was par for the course, but I hope the cigarette smoke and stink weed smell wasn’t in the room.

      If you asked for a different room, status shouldn’t have mattered as to whether you got a new room or not.

      If it did, that is poor hotel management.

      Were you in the “new” tower? I don’t know if it happened yet, but they were converting a Horseshoe tower into a tower for Paris and I have heard the rooms there are pretty bad.

      Before our travel dates changed, the wife and I were booked into Paris. I had chosen that resort/casino for the romantic setting.

      Sounds like we were lucky our dates, and where we are staying, changed as it might not have been very romantic.

  10. Zoos Traveller

    The new Paris tower is called Versailles and the old tower is Bordeaux.

    When Versailles was part of Bally’s, it had a reputation of being rundown, but it had been remodeled when it became Versailles so I am guessing dee was in Bordeaux.

    I have to admit besides the romance, I chose Paris for our original travel dates because it was totally comped.

    That is the reason we are rolling the dice and staying at Flamingo for our next, next trip.

    1. Grant Post author

      I did see various room types and prices when booking a stay at Paris Las Vegas and the Versailles rooms were a little more expensive than the Bordeaux rooms, so that makes sense now.

  11. Zoos Traveller

    I think dee was complaining about the smell of smoke in the casino and the smell of stink weed on the strip.

    If it was in her room, there is a problem especially if it is stink weed as there isn’t supposed to be any smoking of that even in a smoking room.

    I believe the variety she is smelling is called Skunk. Why anyone would smoke something that foul smelling is beyond me. It really does smell like a skunk.

    For those reading this and haven’t been to Vegas since legalization, be prepared when you do go back as spots on the strip do reek even though it isn’t legal to smoke that on the strip.

    1. Grant Post author

      The cigarette and weed smell on the strip is bad in certain spots. Didn’t know it was illegal on the strip, I guess the word hasn’t gotten out to everyone yet.

  12. Zoos Traveller

    Recreational use in only private homes got legalized back in 2016 so I think everyone, except first time travelers, knows. They just don’t care.

    A more recent law, passed 01/2024, people need to be aware of is there is no stopping on pedestrian bridges or twenty feet from their access points although the sheriff says people won’t get arrested for stopping and taking a quick picture.

  13. Zoos Traveller

    Did check-in go smoothly or did they try to charge the cash price to your credit card even though you were using points?

    1. Grant Post author

      The check in agent told me to use the points at checkout and they should be able to apply the points to my stay. We will see how that goes.

  14. Zoos Traveller

    If they are still going to charge the cash price at check-in, what is the point of using points even if they reverse the cash charges at checkout?

    I presume they are putting a hold on your card for the amount of the stay plus incidentals.

    By doing so, they are taking money out of their gaming economy. Money that you, or anyone they do this to, could be using on gambling, dining, etc. Money you should have access to during your stay and even if they reverse it at the end and apply your points, the money won’t be accessible for seven to ten days after checkout.

    I am a little hot at Caesars right now.

  15. Zoos Traveller

    A little concerned about getting charged money and points, I called Caesars Rewards.

    I explained my concerns and shared what had happened to Grant.

    They said they have no control over the front desk and if it happens to someone, then they should call and speak to the billing department.

    They did not give me a phone number, though.

    If it does happen to the wife and I, I am going to immediately ask for the front desk supervisor.

  16. Zoos Traveller

    I had googled for an answer before I talked to Caesars Rewards and I googled after without getting a good answer.

    The closest I have come is that they charge your card for the price of the first night and the total for incidentals when you check-in and the remainder of the stay when you checkout.

    That doesn’t address when you have booked with points. I had points covering the entire stay already deducted from my Caesars Rewards.

    And what happens if the entire stay is comped? Are they going to charge someone an imaginary figure for the first night’s stay plus the incidentals cost?

    Even if Grant gets answers to those questions, I will ask and see if I get different answers.

    1. Grant Post author

      Yes those are great questions. Usually there is a $50 / night or some smaller amount that they charge for incidentals, but I’m curious what your experience is.

      1. Zoos Traveller

        I know I am going to get hit with the incidentals charge, but I feel like that is all I should get hit with given I am using reward credits.

        Maybe not what I will get it with, but it is what I feel I should get hit with.

        At this point, I do not remember the nightly breakdown of the room, but I know some nights were comped and the entire stay is 7,200 reward credits.

        I did print out the page after I booked the room, but it only shows the total cost, not what each night costs, and the total cost of the stay is equal to the “due now” amount.

        It is different if you are paying with cash and aren’t Diamond as the total cost of the stay will be different from the “due now” whether you are staying one night or multiple nights.

        This is the same way if you are Diamond and staying multiple nights as they collect just the first night. If you are Diamond and staying one night, the amounts are the same.

        I hope what I am trying to get at is understandable.

        1. Grant Post author

          Yes, I totally understand what you are saying. It’s annoying that there is no way to see the nightly breakdown anywhere online after you book your stay.

  17. Zoos Traveller

    What I was trying to say is what they do to someone who booked with points makes no sense.

    Especially since they charge that person the entire stay in points upfront whereas if you book with cash, you are only charged for the first night.

    I am hoping the front desk will give me a breakdown of what nights were comped and what nights I actually used points. I am thinking the first night was comped.

    I wish I could remember how comped stays were treated at the other properties so I can compare Caesars’ treatment.

    The other properties were Rio when it was a Harrahs property, Mirage when it was an MGM property, and Tropicana when it was independent.

    I am thinking, but not sure, that the only hold on my card was for incidentals.

    1. Grant Post author

      When I checked out of the hotel, I was able to use 58,678 Caesars Rewards points to cover the cost of the stay. The rep said my first night that I paid with a CC would be refunded and the incidental charges should drop off my CC in a few days. I need to wait a few days for all the dust to settle to see what the final amount paid is. I’ll report back.

  18. Zoos Traveller

    It will be interesting to see what they want to charge my card if the first night was comped as I believe.

    Although they could, theoretically, charge my card zero.

    I actually had that happen when I booked a hotel where they didn’t require a deposit for a trip next year. They did ask for credit card information to make sure the card was valid. They did so by running a zero dollar transaction.

    My financial institution is very conservative and I got a text from them about the transaction as it was to a place I had never been before.

    The text said that they had declined a transaction for zero dollars and they wondered if it really was me or a fraud attempt.

    I responded that it was me and I received a response saying my card was still good to use, but I would need to rebook the room.

    I will let you know what happens in Vegas, although it is supposed to stay in Vegas, with the hotel room and the tier match.

    1. Grant Post author

      Gotcha, I’ve seen some $0 authorizations come through but I use my CCs often so those don’t get flagged as fraud. Flight home from Vegas was easy and we are back home now.

  19. Zoos Traveller

    The hotel sent me an email to check-in online and I almost did that, but when I got to the bottom it said they were going charge my card for the cost of the stay plus a resort fee plus an incidental fee.

    As I am Diamond and not subject to resort fees, I decided not to check-in online and do it at the hotel.

    I am going to ask if I had done online check-in, would I have been charged a resort fee.

  20. Zoos Traveller

    For those following along at home, we are here and the only hold was for the incidentals. I was not charged for the first night.

    I did use the Seven Star/Diamond check-in lounge instead of the front desk so that may explain the difference in Grant’s experience and mine. Assuming Grant checked in at the front desk.

    As they did not charge me a first night deposit, I did not get to ask why they did.

    I am still on hometown time so the tier match marathon will be done tomorrow.

    1. Grant Post author

      I checked in at 11:30pm so I just went to the normal check in line. I’m not sure what hours the Seven Stars / Diamond check in lounge is open.

  21. Zoos Traveller

    I don’t know when they open, but I believe they close at 8pm.

    By they, I mean any Caesars property that has such a room.

    I have heard Caesars Palace’s room is now just for Seven Stars, but the far left check-in line is just for Diamond and above.

    1. Grant Post author

      Gotcha, that is good to know. If I arrive before 8pm next time, I will check out the special room for Diamond members.

  22. Zoos Traveller

    Almost halfway done with the tier matching marathon.

    Went to Wynn, arrived at 8am just as their rewards desk opened up, got tier matched to my Diamond, then to Fontainebleau to be matched to my Wynn status.

    Not much of a line at either Wynn or Fontainebleau.

    We are having some breakfast at Cafe Hollywood in Planet Hollywood.

    Then it will be onto an MGM property for me to match to their Gold which gets my wife Gold so we can go back to Wynn and Fontainebleau to tier match for her.

    1. Grant Post author

      You’re on a roll. I didn’t have to wait more than a few seconds at both the Wynn and Fontainebleau rewards desk before being helped. Laura didn’t want to do the MGM Gold match off my status, so we didn’t do a round 2 of casino matching. Do you have plans to use the spa credit at either Wynn or Fontainebleau? Have a good dinner at Mother Wolf and at the show tonight :)
      Check out my blog post coming out today at 4:05pm for more info on my Las Vegas trip and discounted show tickets.

  23. Zoos Traveller

    If we do get to come back before we lose status, the wife will get a spa day at both Wynn and Fontainebleau.

    I am unsure if I will do any kind of spa treatment myself. For a variety of reasons, I can’t do more than a chair massage when it comes to that sort of thing.

    Even though we have through part of Friday left on this trip, the timing to do spas this trip isn’t there.

    Hopefully, we don’t have the trouble with the Fontainebleau spa that Nick’s wife seemed to have when it came to booking.

    When it comes to the tier match marathon, one cost we didn’t take into consideration was transportation costs so that reduces the value of the freebies.

    In this heat, walking is not an option.

    Good luck to my fellow tier match marathoners.

    I feel like Columbo because just one more thing.

    Did anyone, who was already a Hard Rock Unity member, try to do a tier match from another casino to Mirage? If you did, what happened?

    I got my membership years ago and haven’t been to a Hard Rock with that players’ club since. Some casinos consider you a new member if you haven’t been there in x number of years and I am hoping Mirage is that way.

    Friday, we have some hours to kill so we will probably go to Sahara and see what their tier match is all about.

    You can expect a report if that happens.

    We had plans to go to Palms on Thursday, but if all goes as hoped, I will be too busy to do that.

    1. Grant Post author

      Yes the heat this week is about 10 degrees hotter than when we were there. We tried to avoid walking outside between 2-5pm since those were hot hours. We enjoyed the monorail between the Westgate and Paris. It was about a 12-15 minute walk from the Westgate station to the Fontainebleau.

      Yes, I hope booking the spa services is easier than Nick’s wife’s experience.

  24. Zoos Traveller

    After taking a long nap, guess what we are going to do?

    Walk outside at 2pm.

    Granted, it is just across the bridge to Bellagio. But then we have to walk back because I think cabbing it from this side will be easier.

    Plan is to play a little, go to Wynn, followed by Fontainebleau, and then Mirage.

    Why did we take a nap? We’re old, what can I say?

    This sort of thing would have been so much easier twenty years ago.

  25. Zoos Traveller

    Well, we are done with the tier match marathon and getting ready to savor some of the fruits of our labor.

    Dinner at Mother Wolf.

      1. Zoos Traveller

        The food was really, really good while the waiter could have been more attentive.

        We had pizza bianca which is actually a flat bread and we paired that with burrata e crudo which is burrata and prosciutto.

        We also had fioro di zucca which are tempura fried squash blossoms. The wife liked it, but it was a miss for me.

        Finally, we shared fettuccine al burro which is buttered long noodles and prosciutto. This was my favorite dish and very similar to what I make at home although I use hard, store bought pasta and garlic butter without the prosciutto.

        We were celebrating a belated anniversary and they surprised us with what seems to have been an off menu dessert. It had the taste of cheesecake, but it was very light.

        I thought we waited longer than I thought we should have had to for the pasta and the waiter did not keep us updated like I thought he should.

        We arrived at 5pm and didn’t get out of there until six twenty or so.

        The check was $117 with the tax being waived so we left some money on the table.

        We would go back.

        1. Grant Post author

          Thank you for the review of Mother Wolf. The food sounds pretty good, sorry the service was not as great as you expected. Was the restaurant very busy?

          1. Zoos Traveller

            We were there at opening and there was one party ahead of us that had a reservation, but showed up with extra people.

            While the staff was sorting that out, a couple walked in without a reservation and got immediate seating at the bar.

            We then got seated way in the back and after awhile, I looked around and the place was quite busy.

            But it seemed like one minute we were one of the few people in there and the next we weren’t.

          2. Grant Post author

            Wow, that restaurant filled up quickly. From my memory, Don’s Prime was a pretty larger restaurant and we sat in the back. It got about half full by the time we left around 5:50pm. There were plenty of tables and they had all the parties spread out so that the noise level was not too loud, which we appreciated.

  26. Zoos Traveller

    I didn’t really notice crowd noise which made seeing all the people even more surprising.

    I will let people into a secret that Grant was privy to. Besides wanting to see Beatles Love again before it closed, I was here to play in the WSOP event #3.

    Well, the bad news is I busted out and am done, but the good news is I get to spend more time with the wife.

    We have moved our dinner at Jack Binion’s up and might catch another Cirque show tonight.

    We were scheduled to eat at the Palms AYCE lobster and crab buffet tomorrow, but since I definitely won’t be busy and coming back this year isn’t guaranteed, our dinner plans have changed.

    We are going to put the wife’s $150 Fontainebleau dining credit to use at Komodo.

    We have settled on the lobster lo mein for her, the surf and turf fried rice side dish for me, and dessert for each of us. I did some math and we won’t be leaving much, if anything, on the table.

    And we are hoping to use the spa credits tomorrow, too.

  27. Zoos Traveller

    The dinner at Jack Binion’s was, in a word, expensive.

    Pre-tax, it was around $211. After tax, it was around $229. After a tip of $45, it was around $275.

    The wife had lobster bisque and the scallops signature dish while I had a filet with a side dish of smashed potatoes. We finished with creme brule. Drinks were water.

    You might wonder if I have forgotten items as how could a meal of five dishes be so expensive.

    The steak alone being $95 explains a lot.

    I chose Jack Binions because of location and we had dined at a couple of other locations. Neither one was as expensive as this.

    Had the online menu had prices, I would have probably chosen somewhere else.

    1. Grant Post author

      Sounds like a really nice, albeit expensive dinner. I lot of restaurants in Las Vegas don’t have prices, but if you go on Yelp, you can find photos of the menu with prices, which is helpful.

  28. Zoos Traveller

    Binion’s was about a hundred dollars more than what I budgeted. I budgeted what I did based on what has been the highest amount we had spent at one of the other Binion’s. I didn’t figure on the Vegas factor, I guess.

    Plan for the rest of the day is to go to Sahara via tram around 3:30pm and do a tier match there.

    Then it will be on to Fontainebleau for dinner.

    I am hoping Sahara has a brochure so I can refer to it when I post here about the tier match at Sahara and will also post about dinner.

    We were thinking about extending our stay by a couple of days and I was looking at MGM properties. Even though I am now Gold and resort fees should be waived, the price included resort fees.

    It is moot as we decided not to extend the trip.

    1. Grant Post author

      Good luck with the Sahara tier match and have a good dinner at Fontainebleau tonight :)

      Also, check out my 2 new posts about Vegas.


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