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Check the Citi Merchant Offer Redeemed Section to Verify You’ve Used an Offer Successfully

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Good afternoon everyone, we are almost to Memorial Day Weekend!  A few days ago, Doctor of Credit published Citi Offers: AT&T Wireless, $40 Off $65.  I have AT&T service, so I quickly added the $40 Off $65 AT&T Citi Merchant Offer to all my eligible Citi credit cards (6 out of 7 cards had the offer).  I then signed into my AT&T account and prepaid $65 toward my next bill.

Citi doesn’t send emails when you use a Citi Merchant Offer (like the way American Express does with AMEX Offers), so you need to wait patiently for the purchase and statement credit to post.  My $65 AT&T purchase posted to my Citi Double Cash on May 20, but I haven’t received the $40 statement credit yet (as of May 23).  I decided to do some digging to see if I triggered the offer, even before the statement credit posted to my account.  Here is how you can do that within the Citi app (and the steps are probably very similar on the website).  Sign into you Citi app, click on any Citi credit card, then scroll down and click the Explore Products & Offers button.

Then click on the Merchant Offers heading, select the credit card you used to make the purchase, and click View Enrolled & Redeemed Offers.  Here you will see all the Citi Merchant Offers you are currently enrolled in.

Click the Redeemed header and you will see all the Citi Merchant Offers that you have successfully redeemed.  As you can see, the AT&T offer says I earned $40 on May 22, even though the $40 statement credit hasn’t posted to my Citi Double Cash yet.  You can also click on an offer to see more details.  Since the first offer was successful, I will repeat the same steps with my other Citi credit cards that have the AT&T offer.

If you have questions about this Citi Merchant Offer or other offers, please leave a comment below.  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

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