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Preferred Hotels & Resorts Devaluation: Top Rate Hits 87K Choice Hotels Points / Night (Previously 55K)

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Good afternoon everyone, I have some bad news if you are / were a fan of Preferred Hotels & Resorts properties.  It appears that the top rate has increased from 55K Choice Hotels Points / night up to 87K (a 58% increase).  My friend alerted me to this devaluation and I was able to verify it by going to the Preferred Hotels & Resorts search page (after signing into my Choice Hotels account), and then sorting prices from high to low.  As you can see, the new top rate is now 87K points / night.

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I don’t have a record of what the prices used to be those 3 properties, so I decided to use the prices in Frequent Miler’s post (Great value Preferred Hotels bookable with Choice points) from April 2024.  The highest price in the Frequent Miler post was 55K points / night.  I then searched for those same properties to see what the new prices were.  Here are 5 examples that show the prices have increased from 55K up to 85K.

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If the old top rate was 55K and the new top rate is 87K, that represents an increase of 58%.  There could be properties that had larger increases if they started with a lower price.  Thankfully, not all properties went up in price, but some of the properties I searched for no longer appeared in the search results.  Some properties may no longer participate in the Preferred Hotels & Resorts program, but there may be new properties added as well.

If you booked any Preferred Hotels & Resorts properties recently, please let me know if the new price is the same, has increased, or if the property no longer participates in the program.  I am curious how many properties are affected by this devaluation and reorganization.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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