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Several 1 Way RV Relocation Deals for $1 / Day + $100 Gas Allowance with TransferCar

Good morning everyone.  I just received an email from TransferCar regarding several 1 way RV relocation deals.  Back in 2016, my brother and I went on an epic RV roadtrip from Los Angeles to Denver thanks to TransferCar.  I wrote about the process in 4 parts (part 1: introduction; part 2: reservation, part 3: pickup & drop off; and part 4: thoughts and photos).  If you are looking for a fun way to explore the US, there is no better way than in an RV.  To get started, go to the TransferCar website and select RV Intermediate to see all available RV deals.

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Imoova has $1/Day Car, RV & Campervan Rentals (Vehicle Relocations)

Many years ago, (I’m not saying how many), I needed to get from the west coast to Boston. A friend and I took what I think back then was called a Driveaway car. Someone paid a company to get their car across the country and the company looked for drivers. We weren’t paid; we covered the cost of gas, had a set amount of time for the car to arrive at its destination, and off we went. Now there seems to be a trend for rental vehicles that need to be relocated, both for seasonal reasons and also because some routes are more popular in one direction than the other. The rental car companies offer directional specials, hoping to encourage people to rent and go against the flow and bring the vehicles back for them. It’s a supply and demand issue for them.

There’s a new website that I came upon called Imoova. It searches and has details for these one-way rentals. It seems you can find yourself paying as little as $1/day for a vehicle. Most of their listings are in New Zealand and Australia, but they have a few in the US and plan to grow further. If you have flexibility in your travel plans, this might save you money. What interested me the most are their RV relocation deals (Grant relocated an RV from Los Angeles to Denver with TransferCar). And some of their campervan deals looked good, too.

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Road Trip Around Canada for $1 / Day with TransferCar

Good morning everyone, greetings from New York City.  I am heading to Iceland today, but before I go, I wanted to share this post about TransferCar.  I wrote about TransferCar two years ago when I rented an RV from Los Angeles to Denver: TransferCar Part 1: Introduction to Free One Way Car and RV Rentals (Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4). Since that trip, I haven’t had a chance to use TransferCar again, but I’ve been following their progress over the years.  As of a few days ago, they now have TransferCar rental cars available in Canada.  You can drive a rental car from Vancouver to Calgary or Toronto for $1/day for 4 days and they will include 1 free tank of gas.

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Want to go on a Roadtrip? TransferCar has Several 1 Way Car & RV Rentals Available

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your long Labor Day Weekend is going well.  Last year, my brother and I drove an RV from Los Angeles to Denver, stopping at several national and state parks along the way.  We used a service called TransferCar (based in Australia / New Zealand) that coordinates 1 way car and RV rentals.  It is a relocation service, whereby the car and RV rental companies would rather have individuals (like you and me), drive the cars and RVs for $1-$5 per day, instead of paying hundreds of dollars to transport the cars and RVs back to their primary location.  I documented the entire trip process here, if you want to learn more:

Anyway, it’s been a while since I was on TransferCar’s website, but they have a ton of car and RV rentals available.  Most rentals are $1-$5 per day and some even include gas credit and a travel allowance.

TransferCar US Inventory 9-3-2016

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TransferCar Part 4: Epic RV Journey through California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado

Good morning everyone, welcome to Part 4 (last part, I promise) of my TransferCar RV rental experience.  A few months ago, I learned about TransferCar and wrote an introduction post about the service.  A few weeks after that, I had the opportunity to book my first one way RV rental from Los Angeles to Denver.  The following week, my brother and I embarked on a 6 day, 1,789 mile journey through 5 states.  In this post (late by 2+ months), I will share some of the pictures from our epic journey.  If you want to learn more about TransferCar, please read parts 1-3.  My brother used a GPS app on his phone to track our progress from Los Angles to Denver.

RV Roadtrip Map

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