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AMEX Offers for Papa John’s, Getty Images, and Gift Card Zen Discounts

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Good morning everyone, just a few small deals to pass along today.  Here are 2 new AMEX Offers for Papa John’s and Photos.com by Getty Images.

Papa Johns AMEX Offer Photos Getty Images AMEX Offer

I also received an email from Gift Card Zen (gift card reseller based in Flagstaff, AZ).  They have increased the discounts on several gift cards.  You can view all the gift cards here.

Gift Card Zen Discount Gift Cards Offer 1-26-2015

I looked at a few gift cards that were on the above list.  To get the biggest discount, you have to purchase the larger gift cards ($100-$200).  That might be a deal breaker for some, but Gift Card Zen has very good customer service.  They even sent me a hand written thank you letter after purchasing a few egift cards a few weeks ago.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

P.S. Thanks to reader Paul for sending me this LifeHacker article: This Chart Shows How Long It Takes to Get from an Airport to the City.  This chart compares driving time vs. public transportation time to the airport.  Only MDW, HNL, and ORD have faster public transportation.  SFO is tied, which reminds me, I am going to SFO this morning to fly down to Orange County (SNA), which happens to be the last airport on the list.  That is kind of unfair, no one from LA would drive down to SNA for a flight.  I live about 15 minutes from SNA, or around $12 via Uber.

Public Transportation to the Airport-1

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