Free Money with Mogl Cash Back

Good evening everyone, let me ask you a few questions.  Do you like going out to restaurants?  Do you you like free money?  Do you like earning free money automatically without having to remember to do anything?  Then Mogl is for you!  Mogl is similar to airline dining reward programs, but instead of earning frequent flyer miles on your meal, you earn cash back.

On my recent trip to Yogurtland, I earned 15% cash back on my purchase which means I earned 99 cents buying my favorite strawberry frozen yogurt. Sweet!  You will receive an email from Mogl the following day with your transaction details.

Mogl Yogurtland Cash Back

I also earned cash back at my favorite local sushi restaurant (shout out to Hiro Sushi in Walnut Creek!).  They have happy hour all day Monday through Wednesday with 50% off select sushi rolls and $5 pitchers of Sapporo Beer.  Add on top of that another 10% cash back from Mogl and you have a great deal.  Ca-ching!

Mogl also has some pretty good deals where you can earn $10 cash back after spending $10 or more at participating restaurants.  These offers come out every few months.

Mogl Spend $10 Get $10

How does Mogl work?  All you need to do is add a credit card (or twenty) to your Mogl account and anytime you use one of your linked cards at a participating restaurant, you will earn cash back.  You also designate a credit card that you want your cash back to be deposited to.  I have my Chase Freedom as my “cash back” card.

Mogl Saved Credit Cards

To add a credit card to your Mogl account, you have to enter your full credit card number and expiration date.  You need to decide if you are comfortable with giving Mogl your credit card information.

Link Credit Card with Mogl

Recently, Mogl lowered the cash back threshold from $20 down to $10, so you will get your cash back sooner.  I received a $20 Mogl cash back payment on my Chase Freedom Credit Card last April and should receive another $10 cash back payment pretty soon.

Mogl Payment Chase Freedom $20 MOGL Cash Back

If you are ready to sign up for Mogl, please click here.

Mogl Home Page

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great evening everyone!

16 thoughts on “Free Money with Mogl Cash Back

  1. projectx

    So all I have to do is register a CC to Mogul, then use that card like I normally would for the points AND cashback through Mogul? What’s the catch? I mean sounds great but what does Mogul get out of it?

    1. Grant

      That’s essentially what you need to do. Mogl must have relationships with certain restaurants to promote them, I’m really not sure what the arrangement is though.

    1. Grant

      I lost track, I don’t even know if that is all of them or if that includes some canceled cards. I might have to go through and double check to make sure I have all my current cards registered.

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    1. Grant

      It might be useless in your home town, but if you travel outside Atlanta, you might eat at a restaurant on the list and be happily surprised by free cash back :)

  3. R.

    1) cashback applied to a credit card — is that considered a return? do you lose miles?
    2) can you use the same cards for Mogl and the dining network?
    3) why do all your Amex cards end in #00#? is that common?

    1. Grant

      When cash back is applied to the credit card, that is just a statement credit (similar to how Visa Savings Edge used to work). I rarely use my Chase Freedom Credit Card for Mogl purchases, but I am still able to get cash back credited to that credit card. You can use the same cards for Mogl and other dining programs, they use a different network, so you can double dip, but from past experience, there are very few restaurants that overlap. I don’t know why all my AMEX Cards have 00 toward the end, that is just how it has always been for me.

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