My Credit Card Retention Offer Presentation from OC TravelCon

Good morning everyone, I had a great time at the OC TravelCon travel conference yesterday.  It was a pleasure to meet some of you and to share my credit card retention offer presentation.  I was very nervous and forgot some of my opening jokes:

  • Hi, I’m Grant, long time blogger, first time presenter – and –
  • Some of you might recognize me from such action shots as:

Grant Jumping Around

Anyway, I really appreciated all the questions at the end of the presentation.  I wanted to record my presentation so I would know what I sounded like and I am really surprised that I sounded so calm, since I was very nervous speaking in front of a large group.

I stopped recording my credit card retention offers and reconsideration calls since it is in a legal gray area, but my existing calls can still be heard here.

2 weeks ago, I wrote about my multi-card retention call to Citi which you can view here.

If you have any questions regarding credit card retention offers, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. Next weekend, I will be in San Diego for FTU Advanced San Diego.  The following weekend, I will hold a meetup in San Francisco.  I have also decided to have a meetup in Sacramento sometime later in March.

P.P.S. I’ll be flying out of SNA today at 4pm, so I will probably be in the Admirals Club this afternoon.  If you are flying out today around that time, let me know and we can chat in the Admirals Club lounge.

11 thoughts on “My Credit Card Retention Offer Presentation from OC TravelCon

  1. VinsTravel

    This was my second anniversary with citi AA and got the same exact offer as last year. 95 credit and 1000 bonus every month I spend 1000 on the card for another 16 months.

  2. george

    Good for you, I hear that the more you do it the more confident you become. Unless I am reading a prepared statement I can’t speak in public, even at my own sons’ wedding. I admire people that can – other than politicians.

    1. Grant

      I think it definitely gets easier. Having a script/presentation in front of me definitely helped. I don’t think I could speak without one.

  3. Racerboy80

    Just listened to the presentation…great job Grant! You seemed a little nervous at the beginning, but still sounded great. You also seemed more comfortable once people started asking questions. Great information…

    1. Grant

      Yea, I would definitely agree. I dropped the clicker at the beginning of the presentation too. I had 30 minutes to speak but finished my presentation in 6 minutes :)

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