New AMEX Offers: $5 Off $5 Google Play, Vince Online, City Sports, and Brooks Brothers

Good morning everyone, it looks like American Express loaded a few more AMEX Offers into the system.  The new offers are: Google Play, Vince Online, City Sports, and Brooks Brothers.  The best offer is for Google Play: spend $5 and get a $5 statement credit.  This offer was loaded to all of my AMEX cards.

Google Play AMEX Offer

Since I have an iPhone, not an Android, I looked at the Google Play movies.  The last movie caught my attention: Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant.  I haven’t bought anything from Google Play, so I am not familiar with the purchase process.  If you have an Android, you should know what to do.

Google Play Movies

Here are the 3 other new AMEX Offers.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  have a great weekend everyone!

21 thoughts on “New AMEX Offers: $5 Off $5 Google Play, Vince Online, City Sports, and Brooks Brothers

  1. Liz @ Yes/No Films

    Grant – I didn’t have that Google Play offer on my AmEx (Delta AmEx) which is a bummer because I wanted to get a movie. I did have a $10 off $50 at Nino Salvaggio’s, though (Whole Foods-esque store in my area).

    1. Grant

      Thanks for the datapoint, too bad there was no Google Play offer on any of your Amex cards. Hopefully there will be a Twitter hashtag out soon that you can use.

      1. Fiby

        I tried that. But it’s showing up as a pending transaction from Google wallet, which is explicitly excluded from the the offer. I didn’t get an email saying I used the offer.

        It’s possible it may post as from Google play. We’ll see.

      1. douglas000

        I bought a gift card, and it posted as “GOOGLE *PLAY CREDIT GOOGLE.COM/CH CA” but has not triggered the Sync email from Amex nor a credit on my account yet. Here’s hoping.

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  3. Victor

    strange… I didn’t get the google play offer on 6/5.. but today when I checked, it magically appeared on most of my cards… any data on whether the credit will post for buying gift cards or credits?

  4. Eddie

    No gift card confirmation or statement credit. Called AMEX and they made a $5 “one time courtesy adjustment”. My policy will be to wait on future offers to hear that others have received the statement credit. This and the Sam’s Club offer turned out to be quite a chore.

  5. Gunnie

    I added my Amex card to my wife’s account and bought $5 play credit, and I did get the Amex offers congrats email.

  6. quan

    Just got my email notification when I bought $5 play credit w/ my Amex card 4 hours ago. So yes, Google Play credit does work.


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