Orange County and Bay Area Meetups Announced (Sunday, June 14 and Saturday, June 20)

Good evening everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.  I haven’t done any meetups in a few weeks, so I thought it was time to announce 2 more meetups.  Since I will be down in Orange County next weekend for my brother’s UCLA graduation, I thought I would set up a meetup for next Sunday, instead of my usual Saturday.

OC Meetup:

In-N-Out Tustin District Map

It’s been a while since my last meetup in Fremont on February 7, so I think it is time to go back.  I know it is Father’s Day weekend, but if you can spare a few hours on Saturday, it will be worth your time.  As always, all dad’s are welcome :)

Fremont Meetup:

San Francisco, Sacramento, and Denver/Boulder Meetups:

I will organize another meetup in San Francisco sometime in mid July (restaurant recommendations are welcome) and another meetup in Sacramento in late July.  As far as the Denver/Boulder meetup, my friends Nigel and Bill are still working out the logistics and I will have an update for you as soon as a date/time/location has been set.  If you are in the Denver/Boulder area, please share any restaurant recommendations you have.

If you think you might be able to attend either the Orange County or Fremont Meetups, please let me know in the comments.  I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and hopefully some new faces as well.  Have a great evening everyone.

8 thoughts on “Orange County and Bay Area Meetups Announced (Sunday, June 14 and Saturday, June 20)

    1. Grant

      We eat food and talk about miles and points. If you are curious/interested, I recommend attending one of these days. I usually get a good mix of beginners and experts in the game and I end up learning a few tricks every time.


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