Belated 2 Year Blog Birthday and Reader Appreciation Day (Travel Shirts, Award Wallet Upgrades, and Amazon eGift Cards)

Updated 7/7/15 @ 9pm PT: the winners have been randomly selected.  Award Wallet Plus upgrade code winners: brad1973, Patrick, Tonei, star, Nate, Bruce, Victor, anita, John, and Frank.  $10 Amazon eGift Card winners: Scott G, Dave Lu, Mark Pokedoff, matt, and Russell S.  Shirt winners are alex (cartoon) and JGR (FTU).  If you are a winner, check your email for your prize.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway.

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great 4th of July with your friends and family.  This post is 2 months late, since Travel with Grant turned 2 on May 3, 2015.  Side note: what is the appropriate celebratory name: blog birthday or blog anniversary (blogiversary)?  I’m leaning toward blog birthday since I am not *legally* married to Travel with Grant (#blogloveisreal).  Either way, I wanted to celebrate 2 great years of blogging with a few giveaway items.

But before I get to the giveaway, I wanted to say a few thank yous first.  Thank you to my readers who have been with me from the beginning and who continue to read my blog on a daily basis.  Thank you to my friends on Twitter (bloggers and non-bloggers alike) who are incredibly supportive and immensely knowledgeable.  Thank you to the handful of readers who show up at my various meetups to share tips and tricks.  Thank you to my readers who support my site by shopping on Amazon and Ebay or by applying for a credit card (or 4) through my credit card affiliate links.  And last but not least, a very special thank you to Randy Petersen and the Boarding Area team for their technical and educational help over the last year.

Grant and Randy BACON

Alright, time for the giveaway.  I have 2 men’s medium sized travel-related shirts up for grabs.  The first item is light gray shirt featuring a frequent flyer cartoon about award flights.

Frequent Flyer Funnies Shirt Image

The second shirt is a dark gray/brown shirt from a Frequent Traveler University (FTU) event.  If you are interested in either shirt, please leave a comment below saying that you want shirt 1 (above, cartoon) or shirt 2 (below, FTU design).  I will then randomly select a winner from each group.  The winners will need to provide their mailing address when I email the winners.

I also have 10 Award Wallet Plus upgrade codes available.  If you are unfamiliar with Award Wallet, please read this post.  If you want an upgrade code, please leave a comment below about Award Wallet and I will randomly pick 10 winners and send you a code.

Award Wallet Plus Upgrade Codes

Last but not least, since Discover It has Amazon as a 5x cash back category this quarter, I will have 5 $10 Amazon eGift Cards to give away.  Everyone who leaves a comment and doesn’t win one of the above prizes will be entered to win an Amazon eGift Card.

2 Amazon Gift Cards

The contest ends 7pm PT on Monday night and winners will be emailed shortly thereafter.  Good luck to everyone who enters and here’s to another great year of Travel with Grant!

88 thoughts on “Belated 2 Year Blog Birthday and Reader Appreciation Day (Travel Shirts, Award Wallet Upgrades, and Amazon eGift Cards)

  1. Scott G

    I love Award Wallet…can’t imagine keeping all the points/miles straight without it. Happy BlogBirthday!

  2. Pam

    Love Award Wallet! Helps me so much in keeping track of expiration dates but also alerted me when my BA miles disappeared.

  3. JGR

    Congrats Grant! Enjoy reading your blog and following on twitter. Keep it up! P.S. Shirt 2. =)

  4. brad1973

    The shirts are too small for me but I would like the Award wallet codes and or Amazon Card. Thanks Grant!

  5. Brett

    Happy belated blog birthday! I’d like to enter the award wallet giveaway, please. Love the auto-login feature, so convenient.

  6. Liz @ Yes/No Films

    I think “blogiversary” is the correct term :) at least that’s what my blogger friends say.
    Great site and I’ve been following you for a while now! A frugal blogger friend recommended you to me.

  7. alex

    Happy Birthday to the coolest and really most thoughtful travel blogger on the web. shirt #1 !

  8. seth

    Congrats to a great 2 years of a great blog. I live awardwallet membership because I wish my accounts still updated in parallel!

  9. D3dish

    Can’t believe it’s only been 2 years. You sounded like a veteran already even when you were just staryinf your blog. Congrats!

    1. D3dish

      * starting.
      I seriously don’t know how to keep my rewards accounts organized without Awardwallet. Hate that some programs *ahem United* do not allow auto sync.

  10. Robert

    Hello Grant. Thanks so much for sharing your insights and for always replying to the comments your readers leave on your posts – I love the personal touch. I would appreciate being considered for an Award Wallet Plus code. Thanks!

  11. Sue

    I like the Award Wallet. It allows me to track all my reward program. It will be great if I can upgrade to Award Wallet Plus!!!

  12. Christian

    Glad you made it. I haven’t joined Award Wallet, but with Plus it may be time to try it out. Thanks for the contest in any case.

  13. Laura

    Happy blogiversary, Grant! You’re one of the top blogs I read. There’s so much crap out there… And I like when you point out the latest Amex offers. I always forget to check on those.

  14. Jason

    Happy 2nd year blog birthday, Grant!
    The second shirt would be my choice and I hope to win the Amazon card.

  15. David T

    I am grateful to Award Wallet for reminding me of my balances. And I LOVE Amazon, of course!

  16. Bill Pisor

    Awardwallet is my go to site to keep track of my points….great site. Happy 2nd!!!!

  17. ZippyPam

    Don’t need a thing but have loved seeing your success grow. Happy Blog-a-Birthday !

  18. anita

    Tracking your points and miles is half the battle but no more with award wallet! #Amazon

  19. R.

    Happy blog birthday!
    I’d really like your blog to have a full posts RSS feeds, but Amazon GC is a fine 2nd choice :P

  20. Richard

    Congrats Grant! It was fun to meet you at the San Diego DO and FTU. I appreciate you letting us know about Staples specials. Amazon card or code please :)

  21. sharetraveler

    Happy blogiversary! I just got the notification that my award wallet plus membership is expiring within the month so I’d love one of those codes.

  22. Bruce

    Really have enjoyed your blog Grant, keep up the great work! Would appreciate an award wallet upgrade if I’m lucky enough to win one of the draws

  23. Danny

    Grant, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and it’s really well done. You do a great job with your screenshots and I do appreciate it. I’ve been meaning to come to one of your LA meetups but it’s kind of hard with my kiddos. Keep up the great work!

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