Chase Ink Bold Business Card now Shows Credit Line and Cash Advance Limit

Good evening everyone.  1 month ago, Chase sent out letters announcing that they would be converting all Chase Ink Bold Charge Cards into credit cards with a stated credit limit and cash advance limit.  Those changes are not effective as of August 31, 2015 and all changes are now live.  Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Currently, the Chase Ink Bold is a charge card, meaning you must pay your balance in full, otherwise you will be charged a fee.  The new Chase Ink Bold will allow you to pay your balance over time (instead of being charged a fee, you will instead pay interest on any balance that is not paid in full by your payment due date).
  • Currently, the Chase Ink Bold has a flexible spending limit whereby you are allowed to go over your preset spending limit.  The new Chase Ink Bold will have a stated credit access line (aka a credit line/limit) that will be shown on your monthly statement.

This evening when I logged into my Chase online account, I noticed the stated credit limit of $12,000 on my Chase Ink Bold Business Card.

Chase Ink Bold Credit Line

When I look at the account details, it also shows a cash advance limit of $2,400, which is 20% of my $12,000 credit limit.

Chase Ink Bold Cash Advance Limit

Just to clarify, I also have a Chase Ink Plus Credit Card and this is what my online account looks like with a $5,000 credit limit:

Chase Ink Plus Online Account

Like my Chase Ink Bold Business Card, the Chase Ink Plus Credit Card has a cash advance limit equal to 20% of the total credit limit.  If you want, you can call or send Chase a Secure Message (SM) to lower your cash advance limit to $0.

Chase Ink Plus Cash Advance Limit

This change does not really mean anything to me, so it will be interesting to see if any other changes are made to the Chase Ink Bold or if any changes will be made to the Chase Ink Plus.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great evening everyone.

9 thoughts on “Chase Ink Bold Business Card now Shows Credit Line and Cash Advance Limit

  1. Fred

    I also got $12,000 credit limit. I wonder if this means, when I cancel the Ink Bold, that I can transfer the credit limit to my Ink Plus?

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  3. Susan

    I recently downgraded my ink Bold to ink plus only to discover I could not transfer my ultimate rewards points to travel partners such as hotels and airlines. After multiple calls I tried to revert to the ink Bold and was told that on a business account you could not go back to the old product. Be aware if this. I eas only able to transfer points by combining my sapphire and ink plus rewards account. Just be aware as thus can be a big gotcha!

    1. Grant

      Hi Susan, did you downgrade your Chase Ink Bold to a Chase Ink Cash/Classic? Those cards do not let you transfer points to travel partners. Only the Chase Ink Bold/Plus can transfer to travel partners.


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