Grant is Coming to a Travel Conference Near You (Maybe)

Good afternoon everyone, with the announcement of FTU (Frequent Traveler University) Advanced Minneapolis a few days ago, I thought it would be fun to share my next 3 travel conferences:

Tickets are sold out for FTU Advanced Seattle, but if you are persistent, you can usually find last minute tickets for sale the days before the conference starts.  Tickets for FTU Advanced Minneapolis just went on sale, so there should be plenty of tickets available.  Lastly, tickets to the Chicago Seminars are not available yet, but the date has been set.  I will be at all 3 events *proudly* wearing my Travel with Grant shirt.

I have never been to a Family Travel for Real Life (FT4RL) conference, but I am eagerly waiting for them to come out to the West Coast.  I just started gift card reselling, so I am considering attending a ResellingDO event sometime in the future.  Are there any other travel conferences you recommend attending?

Grant and Ray Chicago Seminars 2014

Ray (the original credit card churner) and I at Chicago Seminars, 2014

Attending travel conference is not cheap, you need to pay for airfare (unless you live close enough to drive), hotel accommodations (unless you live close to the host venue), and admission to the conference, but I think they are well worth the time and money.  You may not learn a ton of new information, but you will meet some amazing people and networking is the best part.  Where else can you go and talk about miles and points for days on end without driving the other person crazy?  Long story short, go to conference, meet like-minded people, and build long term friendships.

As an example, during my recent trip around South America, I went with my friend Jim who I met at FTU LAX back in December 2012 (we’ve also gone on trips to the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu together).  I have gone on trips with friends who I met at FTU DFW and WestCoastDo in PHX.  I even met my friends Whitney and Tonei (both writers on this site) from various travel conferences.  Long story short, go to the travel conferences and you will make great friends.  Trust me!

(Disclaimer: I am not sponsored, bribed, or paid for my endorsements of the travel conferences).

Hanging out in Amtrak sleeper car (Denver to SF). Grant (left), Nigel (middle) and Will (right)

Hanging out in Amtrak sleeper car (Denver to SF). Grant (left), Nigel (middle) and Will (right)

If you cannot attend any of those conferences, look for a local miles and points / travel hacker meetup group.  There is usually a monthly meetup in most major cities (check for one near you).  If there is not, why not create your own meetup?  If you happen to find yourself near San Francisco this Saturday, join my meetup: SF Travel Hacker Meetup @ Super Duper Burgers (Saturday February 11 from 12-2pm).

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Tonei Glavinic

    I’ve never been to the Chicago Seminars, even though I used to live in Chicago…maybe it’ll finally happen this year!


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