World of Hyatt Loyalty Program Now Live – What Would You Change? (Giveaway for $50 in Amazon eGift Cards)

Update: Comments are now closed.  I will go through all the comments and pick the top 5 suggestions.  I will email the winners and send them each a $10 Amazon egift card.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway.

Good morning everyone, welcome to day 1 of the new World of Hyatt loyalty program *sarcastic round of applause*.  Since I am not a former Hyatt Diamond or current Hyatt Globalist (unlike my friend Shelli: Dear Hyatt, I am a World of Hyatt Globalist, not an Explorist), I don’t really care about the new loyalty program.  I have never chased elite status, done mattress runs, or spent thousands of dollars on hotel credit cards to reach or renew elite status (but I will send a status match email – thank you Hilton Diamond).  I have had a Chase Hyatt Credit Card for several years and enjoy using my anniversary free night certificate, which I am happy to say hasn’t changed in any way with the launch of the new World of Hyatt loyalty program.

Grant World of Hyatt My Account Page

I’ve been on a roll lately asking readers for ways to improve some of my favorite tools, like Award Wallet and Cash Back Monitor, so I wanted to get your feedback on what feature you would change or add to make World of Hyatt loyalty program superior to the previously loved Hyatt Gold Passport loyalty program. If you want to participate in the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post before 11:59pm PT on Thursday night (3/2/17) and tell me what feature you would change or add to make the new World of Hyatt program even better than it is now.  If you need some inspiration, here are the current Member Benefits:

World of Hyatt Tiers Benefits World of Hyatt More Ways to Be Rewards

I will pick 5 winners and each winner will receive a $10 Amazon egift card.  I can’t guarantee any of your suggestions will actually see the light of day, but I will send the results to Hyatt and hope for the best. Thank you to everyone who enters the giveaway and good luck.  Have a great day everyone!

P.S. Please don’t say “I wish Hyatt created a time machine and went back in time to fire the team who thought up the World of Hyatt program name and the designers who created the banners.”  I only want to see realistic, constructive comments.  Thank you!

36 thoughts on “World of Hyatt Loyalty Program Now Live – What Would You Change? (Giveaway for $50 in Amazon eGift Cards)

  1. Danielle Erdmann

    I think this isn’t included because it says “pay for” stays, but what about including stays with points or there was some sort of discount, e.g. use 30,000 points for a stay and that counts as one stay towards status. So, if you stayed at a property with lower levels, you’d have to use 3+ stays to get one “stay” for credit. Does that make sense? Might be too complicated, but as someone who used to be a Diamond member and hasn’t been for a long time (because work doesn’t send me to places with Hyatts!), I have a lot of points that I use, but rarely have the chance to PAY for a stay.

  2. John R

    The 4pm checkout stipulation of “subject to availability at some properties” needs more specificity. That is the one change i’d make to Globalist.

  3. Jonathan

    I would love it if you could use points to book a suite with club access. That would be amazing for my family.

  4. Kalboz

    No resort fee for Globalist … and give us HGP back!!!

    The website is already down on day one – cannot access my account!!!

  5. N N

    Parking and breakfast free for higher tiers. That should be standard.

    Waived resort fees would be nice too.

  6. Michael Hendrick

    I would love to see either “free” breakfast or discounted breakfasts. I recently stayed at Hyatt Mendoza, Argentina and the hotel was great, but the great breakfast was expensive ($30).

  7. Ken

    Let Globalists apply suite upgrades to Chase Free Night stays, not just points or cash stays.

  8. Will

    RE: Explorist upgrades – allow the upgrade to be used for complimentary breakfast for properties that don’t have a Club. The benefit of the upgrade is severely limited as is.

  9. anita

    I honestly just want the free breakfast back. It’s so not fair. We are losing our Diamond status after maintaining it for 4 consecutive years.
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when going to NYC or any other major city like Paris, the breakfast for two can easily be over $100. On a normal day I make my own breakfast at home. This is the only splurge I want. I don’t even care as much about the room upgrade(it’s always a 50/50 shot for me)
    Now i Have no reason to stay loyal to Hyatt like I once did.

  10. Diego

    I wish explorist club lounge access awards included a breakfast guarantee if the club is closed or if there isnt any.

  11. Angela

    Breakfast for Explorists – both Marriott and Hilton guarantee that to their Gold members

  12. Theresa

    I think they should let at least a certain amount of award stays count toward meeting the 60 night requirement, say at least 5 nights per year. Because, really, if you use the free night just awarded and get another for staying at 5 different brands, that means you have to stay 62 nights this year.

    If Globalist, allow free breakfast for up to 3 people REGISTERED to room.

    Bring back some night credits for credit card spend on Hyatt Credit Card.

  13. Kevin

    I would like to see Hyatt add some sort of alternative for use of a club upgrade for properties that do not have a club level. It’s not always obvious which hotels do and don’t, so you may end up booking a property that doesn’t to your chagrin, and in some cities there may be no other property choices, so you can’t use it at all. Perhaps it could be used as a suite upgrade or for free breakfast in the standard restaurant. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Jenny

    Count award stays towards elite status and include some way to get spending credit towards elite status that doesn’t require $50K spend.

  15. Aaron

    1. Include a CC spend threshold to reach Globalist.
    2. Add a “stay” requirement to reach Globalist.
    3. Count award stays/nights toward elite status.

  16. Kathy

    My comments mirror others– 25 nights, no resort fees, comped parking….since you will be forwarding this to Hyatt, I’d like to compliment HR Orange CA on their service! They make top tier guests feel valued, welcomed, and it is such a joy to return! They should be the model for Hyatt customer service training!

  17. Riley

    Taking away benefits and making Globalist status more difficult to earn is deincentivizing. From my perspective Hyatt has to come up with something new to make Globalists feel welcomed— Surprises? Extra Points? Free movie? Canvas wine?? Something….

  18. Candace

    I think courtesy free parking for Explorists and Globalists is the least they could do!

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