$10 Amazon eGift Card Winners Announced for Cash Back Monitor & World of Hyatt Giveaways

Good morning everyone, I hope your weekend is going well.  After much procrastinating deliberating, I have selected the winners for my Cash Back Monitor giveaway in which I asked my readers: what feature is missing from Cash Back Monitor that would make the service better for you and other users?  I carefully reviewed your answers and selected my 6 favorite comments (I couldn’t pick just 5 winners).  The winners are… La La Land!

  • Brian said: It would be great if the exclusions (if any) were listed on CashBackMonitor, instead of having to go to each site individually.
  • Nancy said: Using a symbol/indicator to denote if a portal is currently offering a bonus for hitting a certain level of spend, i.e. United offering 500 bonus miles for spending $100.
  • rxgeek said: CBM saves me money all the time. Great site! Suggestion: Have a pop-up alert when the merchant is in CBM like Ebates, Piggy and others do.
  • Pinky said: Love CashBackMonitor! Please add how long it takes to confirm/track on the site. For example, I often will choose eBates over TopCashBack at a slightly lower rate because TopCashBack takes forever to confirm/track and then pay out. Please also add if gift cards are excluded.
  • Marc said: Might be hard to do, but how long the rate will last. I know there are a lot of short term rate boosts (i.e. until Valentines Day, Presidents Day, etc.)
  • esdot said: An ability to receive email or text notifications when a retailer has a [or a certain, user selected] portal offering increased rates or more than [x, user inputted]% rates.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway and congratulations to the winners.  I will email Yansong (creator of Cash Back Monitor) and share my 6 favorite suggestions to improve the service.  Hopefully some of your suggestions will be available on his site in the near future!

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After much stalling sleeping consideration, I have the winners for my World of Hyatt giveaway in which I asked my readers: what feature would you change or add to make the new World of Hyatt program even better than it is now?  Since my friend Shelli is a Hyatt Globalist, I asked her to select her favorite comments.  Like me, she couldn’t pick just 5, so here are her 6 winners:

  • Dale said: Free parking for Explorist and Globalist.
  • Kalboz said: No resort fee for Globalist … and give us HGP back!!! The website is already down on day one – cannot access my account!!!
  • Ken said: Let Globalists apply suite upgrades to Chase Free Night stays, not just points or cash stays.
  • Kevin said: I would like to see Hyatt add some sort of alternative for use of a club upgrade for properties that do not have a club level. It’s not always obvious which hotels do and don’t, so you may end up booking a property that doesn’t to your chagrin, and in some cities there may be no other property choices, so you can’t use it at all. Perhaps it could be used as a suite upgrade or for free breakfast in the standard restaurant. Thanks for the giveaway.
  • Carl said: Allow Globalists (and perhaps Explorists) to get the fourth or fifth night free when booking awards stays.
  • Theresa said: I think they should let at least a certain amount of award stays count toward meeting the 60 night requirement, say at least 5 nights per year. Because, really, if you use the free night just awarded and get another for staying at 5 different brands, that means you have to stay 62 nights this year. If Globalist, allow free breakfast for up to 3 people REGISTERED to room. Bring back some night credits for credit card spend on Hyatt Credit Card.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway and congratulations to the winners.  I will tweet to @HyattTweets and share your suggestions to improve the program.  Hopefully some of your suggestions will be incorporated into the World of Hyatt program *fingers crossed*


I sent out emails last night around 9pm PT to all the winners.  If you are a winner, check your inbox and spam folders.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

2 thoughts on “$10 Amazon eGift Card Winners Announced for Cash Back Monitor & World of Hyatt Giveaways

  1. Kalboz

    Oh this is so cool Grant – thank you so much for the $10 Amazon gift code. Never won any real money before but the knowledge gained here and elsewhere on the Boarding Area has been priceless in terms of savings generated and free travel.

    Thanks again and keep the good work! :)


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