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My Blogiversary Amazon $10 eGift Card Giveaway Winners

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Good morning everyone, happy Wednesday!  A few days ago, I held a giveaway for 10 $10 Amazon eGift Cards to celebrate Travel with Grant’s 4 year blogiversary.  I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who read that post and left a comment.  Reading the comments brought a big smile to my face… then slowly disappeared as I started dreading the thought of picking just 10 winners.  Even though Travel with Grant is 4 years old and I have written close to 1,000 posts during that time, I was happy to see that some of my other writers (Shelli, Tonei, Whitney and Bill) wrote posts that you thought were really good.  In their honor, I picked 4 comments that related to their posts and I picked 6 comments that related to my posts.

Here are the winning comments (in no particular order) for my posts:

Here are the 4 winning comments (in no particular order) that my other writers wrote:

  • Luke US said: Hi Grant! Congratulations!! :) I love your blog! I especially liked your post about the origin of Dulce de Leche in Argentina (written by Shelli). Dulce de Leche is one of my favorite foods! I loved the story, and I definitely agree that it is worth making a trip to Argentina for! :)
  • David T said: Hey, congrats on 4 years. I really enjoyed the article describing the company that lets you meet up with a native of the country you’re visiting: JoeyTravel has a Local Friend in Every City (My Review from Santiago, Chile) (written by Shelli).
  • Angie said: Happy 4 years!!! Woohoo!!! Where did time go? My favorite blog post is actually something you wrote recently! The timing of the post was perfect. It was the post about not having to Pay VAT at Argentina Hotels when using a Foreign Credit Card (Shelli sent me the link for this post). I’m planning a trip there so that little tip is super helpful! I feel little details like that don’t get mentioned often so I’m really thankful you devoted a post to let readers know. Thanks for helping me save some money! =)
  • Jon W. said: Happy blog anniversary! My favorite post will have to be “Shelli’s World Coffee Tour – First Stop, San Diego” because: A) This was my introduction to Shelli and she is a wonderful contributor, B) it introduced me to Birdrock, which is now my favorite place to get coffee in San Diego, C) It’s about San Diego, my hometown (though I’m also envious of your In-n-Out meetups at the District in Tustin being a UCI alumnus). And D…because choosing “Chasing American Airlines Elite Status and Knowing When to Stop” would be unfair and biased for me.

I will send out Amazon eGift Cards to the winners via email, so check your email (and spam) folders for an email from me.  Thanks again to everyone who left a comment and for all the readers out there, wherever you are in the world.  Have a great day everyone!

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14 thoughts on “My Blogiversary Amazon $10 eGift Card Giveaway Winners

  1. Luke US

    Thank you so much Grant!! I enjoy reading your blog, and I’m grateful for the gift card! Have a great day! :)

      1. Tonei Glavinic

        That makes more sense…I didn’t realize the comment in the parentheses was yours, I though Angie got the link to the post from Shelli!


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