Reload your Amazon Gift Card Balance with Amazon Cash (+ $10 Promo Credit)

(Hat Tip to Doctor of Credit’s post: Free $10 Amazon Credit with $20 Amazon Cash Reload)

Good morning everyone!  A few days ago, Amazon introduced a new way to reload your Amazon gift card balance, called Amazon Cash.  Instead of buying an Amazon gift card in store, scratching off the code, and entering the code into your Amazon account, you can now create a specific barcode that will load money directly to your Amazon account.  Just show the barcode at the register of qualifying stores, pay for your purchase, and your gift card balance will be instantly updated.

If you act before July 31, 2017, you can get a $10 promo credit (that must be used before August 31, 2017) if you use your Amazon Cash barcode to load $20 or more.  One of the qualifying stores that accepts Amazon Cash is CVS, so I went to my local CVS and tried it out.  Here are the promo terms:

After creating my Amazon Cash barcode and saving it into my ApplePay wallet, I went to the CVS checkout lane and told the cashier I wanted to load $20.  I think I was his first Amazon Cash customer since he seemed confused.  I told him to scan the barcode and it should prompt him to ask me how much I wanted to load.  I told him $20, paid with my Citi Dividend Credit Card (which earns 5% cash back at drugstores this quarter), and then I received a notification from the Amazon app that $20 was added to my gift card balance.  Pretty seamless and instant.

Here is the CVS receipt showing the $20 Amazon Cash transaction.  The CVS receipt says card number, but I think that is related to my Amazon Cash barcode.  I also checked my Amazon gift card balance activity and saw the $20 Amazon Cash reload.  Again, the serial number is probably related to my Amazon Cash barcode.

I also received an email from Amazon with details of my Amazon Cash transaction and a separate email with details of the $10 promo credit.  The $10 promo credit will automatically apply to my next qualifying Amazon purchase that I make before August 31, 2017.  I went through the Amazon ordering process and the $10 promo credit was automatically applied to my order.

I love it when a new service and promotion work smoothly.  Great job Amazon, I just hope they can add more stores that accept Amazon Cash, specifically Walgreens, since there are way more Walgreens than CVS stores around me.  If you have any questions about Amazon Cash, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

5 thoughts on “Reload your Amazon Gift Card Balance with Amazon Cash (+ $10 Promo Credit)

  1. Carl

    I was pleasantly surprised to be able to use a card, as I fully expected them to be blocking anything but cash (especially considering the name of the program). I also learned that this can be done at self-checkouts.

  2. shelli

    I had a pleasant surprise as well. Wasn’t sure if I could use the Amazon deal if I didn’t have a smart enough phone or use Apple Pay. I signed into my Amazon account and one of the options is to get and print out a barcode! I’m on my way to CVS now. Thanks, Grant.


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