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Reload your Amazon Gift Card Balance with Amazon Cash (+ $10 Promo Credit)

(Hat Tip to Doctor of Credit’s post: Free $10 Amazon Credit with $20 Amazon Cash Reload)

Good morning everyone!  A few days ago, Amazon introduced a new way to reload your Amazon gift card balance, called Amazon Cash.  Instead of buying an Amazon gift card in store, scratching off the code, and entering the code into your Amazon account, you can now create a specific barcode that will load money directly to your Amazon account.  Just show the barcode at the register of qualifying stores, pay for your purchase, and your gift card balance will be instantly updated.

If you act before July 31, 2017, you can get a $10 promo credit (that must be used before August 31, 2017) if you use your Amazon Cash barcode to load $20 or more.  One of the qualifying stores that accepts Amazon Cash is CVS, so I went to my local CVS and tried it out.  Here are the promo terms:

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Q4 Credit Card Category Strategy: Do Way Better than 5% Cash Back at Amazon

Good afternoon everyone, Q4 is among us.  With that, comes new cash back categories for Chase Freedom, Citi Dividend, and Discover It credit card holders.  Let’s go through the list of categories really quickly, starting with the Citi Dividend Credit Card: 5% cash back at Best Buy and department stores.  Most people will probably buy Visa Gift Cards at Best Buy.  I would also like to mention that you can often buy department store gift cards for much more than a 5% discount by shopping on Gift Card Granny.  Macy’s gift cards are 10%+ discounted, Sears gift cards are 6%+ discounted, and Kmart gift cards are 7%+ discounted.

Citi Dividend Q4 Calendar

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Discover It + ApplePay + Walgreens = 22% Cash Back for BART Clipper Card Reloads

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your weekend is going well.  I’m sure everyone knows about the recent Discover ApplePay promo, but if not, please read Frequent Miler’s post.  Since I live and work in the Bay Area, I take BART almost every day and spend about $225 a month on BART costs.  I shared my experience loading my BART Clipper Card at Whole Foods during the last 2 Whole Foods AMEX Offers:

On my way to work yesterday, I stopped at my local Walgreens in San Francisco and asked to load $50 to my BART Clipper Card.  The cashier was very friendly and knew exactly what to do.  When it came time to pay, I used my iPhone 6 with ApplePay to charge my Discover It Credit Card.  The purchase went through fine and appears to be a standard Walgreens purchase.

BART Clipper Card Walgreens Reload

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New PayPal My Cash Cards and Online Loading Process (Light Blue PPMCC 0215v1)

Update and Warning: the purpose of this post was to show what the new PPMCCs looked like and show how the PPMCC loading website has changed.  I did not mention the danger of using PPMCCs as a way to MS and I wanted to make it very clear that PPMCCs are very dangerous, if you value your PayPal account.  If you withdraw funds from your PayPal account or transfer funds to another PayPal account, you will receive a warning email from PayPal.  If you continue, they may freeze your account and hold the funds in your account for up to 6 months.  For most people, it is better to stay far, far away from PPMCCs.  You have been warned.

Good evening everyone, I stopped by my local CVS and noticed a new gift card on the gift card rack.  The traditional white PayPal My Cash Card (PPMCC) has changed and is now mostly light blue.  The loading process is almost identical to before, but has a better user interface now.  Just like the Vanilla Reload Cards back in the day (RIP old friend), these cards have a date stamp (0215v1) which means February 2015, version 1.  I was able to purchase this card with my credit card at CVS without any problems.  The card says reusable on the front, so I wonder how that would work.

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AMEX Offers: Toys R Us, Double Tree, and Burlington Coats; Apple Pay at Walgreens


AMEX Offers: Toys R Us, Double Tree, and Burlington Coats; Apple Pay at Walgreens

Good morning everyone, here are some new AMEX Offers that showed up in my American Express account this morning.  The first one is for Toys R Us / Babies R Us.  You must order online, but you can probably pick up in-store or have it delivered to your home or office.  Next week there should be another Toys R Us / Babies R Us offer, stay tuned to find out.

Toys R Us AMEX Offer

Right now, the AA Shopping Portal is paying out 4 miles per dollar for Toys R Us orders.

Toys R Us Cash Back Monitor

Online, you can only buy Toys R Us gift cards, but no third party gift cards (same with Babies R Us).

Toys R Us Gift Cards

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