How I Got “Dropped” by Drop… and then Reinstated

After many of us saw our Drop accounts go into the “technical error abyss” for a week (I mean…forever…), I sent drop a Support Ticket inquiring as to what was going on with my account, and why I couldn’t redeem for awards. I also wanted to know what happened to my reward redemptions that never arrived (awards had previously been coming in within a few minutes on all my redemptions).

I received multiple replies ranging from their Reward Processor was having technical difficulties in the US, to they were having issues on their end and they were working on it. I tried reaching out on Twitter and Facebook Messenger as well, and both told me to email their support.

After reading various other responses on various blogs that Drop had changed their Terms and Conditions (T&C) to disallow people from earning points on repeated purchases, I decided to send them an email demanding my points be reinstated. After all, I had done all my purchasing before they had changed their T&C.

I sent a stern, but nice email, requesting that my account be reinstated, and indicated that I wasn’t going to accept their canned “technical issues” response. I went on to state that I had made all my purchases before they changed their T&C, and I deserved to redeem my remaining points. I also stated that if they weren’t willing to reinstate my account and let me utilize the points I had earned, they could just close my account.

Well…that’s exactly what they did. A nice response came back stating my account did not comply with their T&C, and they had chosen to close my account (jaw open/blank expression when I read that).

Hmmm…that didn’t work out so well, nor was that what I was really trying to accomplish. I unlinked all my cards and waited for the day I would not be able to login. I kept checking and I was still able to login, but still received the error when attempting to redeem rewards.

After a week, I decided to send them another email, but this time I thought I would try some sugar and spice and everything… yea, yea… you get the picture… I begged them to reopen my account and threw myself at the mercy of the almighty Drop Gods. In all seriousness, I sent them a nice email explaining that I would like to continue our relationship, and I would not continue to make repeated purchases on any cards attached to their service.

I received a reply in less than a day, stating that if I removed my one corporate card (Chase Ink) that was attached to the account, and any cards that I used for repeated purchases, they would reinstate my account. Wait… really… it was that easy??? I replied that I had already unlinked all my accounts, and agreed not to re-attach the corporate card, and that I would not make repeated purchases with any cards that were attached to their merchants.

I received an email a day later welcoming me back to Drop, and I was able to redeem my remaining points for rewards/gift cards right away. The rewards/gift cards showed up in my inbox within 30 minutes.

Moral of the story… apparently sometimes you really can catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar. If you are able to get your accounts reinstated, I would recommend that you use Drop for what it was intended… everyday purchases. After all… it actually is a really cool product.

6 thoughts on “How I Got “Dropped” by Drop… and then Reinstated

  1. Manny

    I’ve tried contacting Drop through email and Twitter. I didn’t even have any ms on my accounts just regular spend. So far I haven’t received any response. A lot of bloggers were promoting Drop initially & later writing that how their account was blocked and later reinstated. I would really like to find out if non-bloggers are even getting any response let alone their account getting reinstated!

    I strongly feel as community leaders bloggers at this point should not even recommend Drop. It has anything but a colossal waste of time and invasion of privacy without any expected benefits. I would love to find out your thoughts on it.

  2. jason

    I’ve found that they’ve been more willing to work with bloggers then normal users… you aren’t the first blogger to get your rewards while others are locked out. so I’d keep that in mind

    1. Grant

      I’m not the writer of this Drop article, but now could be a great time to start a travel blog, if you want your Drop rewards back :)

  3. gary

    I originally wrote about my account being froze and not posting. i sent an email after 4 business days they did respond and mentioned about corporate card and manufactured spend. One problem, I did not have a corporate account link and this “manufactured spend” they mentioned was i made a few purchases on amazon on PRIME DAY.

    I replied back to the rep and told her I do not have a corporate account link and if they can please explain what they considered i manufactured spend, i then sent them a screen shot of the TV i bought on prime day. The next day, they replied with an apology saying they instituted a new program and I was inadvertently flagged got an apology and my account was reinstated where i could redeem the $10 gc that i had in point.
    Side note, redemption wsa processed and got the gift card in minutes. This seemed to have changed. I got the wealthsimple offer of 75K and it was credited a day after the funding came out of my account. I redeemed some gift cards but the message now says it can take up to 3 business days to get the e-gift card. It’s been only 1 day so far so hopefully it will come within 3 days

    1. gary

      Im attaching the 2 messages from them, first to tell me its locked and the other after i sent the screen shot

      Our system automatically flags users who have a corporate card connected for business spending or users who it suspects to be engaging in manufactured spending. We’re unfortunately unable to award points and allow redemptions on these purchases as Drop aims to reward our users’ every day spending.
      The current course of action is to unlink your corporate and manufactured spending cards from your Drop account. You’ll be able to once again earn Drop points and redeem rewards. Note that you won’t be able to get your points from purchases made with the unlinked card, even after you’ve unlinked. As well, you’ll be reflagged if you relink your corporate and manufactured spending cards.
      Give us a shout once you’ve done so and we will manually unflag your account.
      Thanks for being a member,
      We’d like to apologize for this inconvenience. We’ve recently been facing large volumes of manufactured and corporate spending, and have been extra conservative because of that. The system was implemented to ensure fairness for our every day users, such as yourself. Unfortunately you were caught up in the process and we’re extremely sorry about that.

      We’ve unflagged your account and you can now earn points redeem rewards. We’ve also added an extra 1,000 points to your account for the inconvenience.

      Thanks for being a member!

  4. TheTacticalTraveler

    Hey guys…sorry for the delayed response, somehow I lost track of this post.

    Anyways, I never mentioned that I write for a blog when I requested to be reinstated. It definitely took a few days for them to email me back. Make sure you are initiating the support ticket from the app as well.

    I tried both Twitter and Messenger and the reply I received from both of those avenues was to email them.

    Just send a sincere email, respond appropriately, and you should be good to go.

    Have a great day…Cheers!


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