[New Expiration Date] 5% Cash Back on Airbnb Rental Booking (BankAmeriDeal Expires 2/10)

Updated 10am PT on 1/12: Bank of America released another Airbnb BankAmeriOffer, but this offer expires on 2/10/2018.

Good afternoon everyone, happy New Year!  I am taking care of some January 1 stuff today, like buying some Southwest Airlines gift cards with my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card to trigger the $200 incidental credit and booking some IHG hotels to count toward the Q1 Accelerate promo.  I also have a short post today.  I logged into my Bank of America account and noticed an Airbnb BankAmeriDeal in my account.  If you enroll in the offer and pay with a Bank of America credit card, you will earn 5% cash back.

The details of the offer state that you can earn up to $34 cash back, which would mean a $680 Airbnb rental x 5% cash back would max out the $34 cash back earned.  You must act quickly since this offer expires on January 5, 2018.  If you start your Airbnb booking through DeltaAirbnb.com, you will earn 2x Delta SkyMiles per dollar.  You should be able to stack both of these offers together.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great New Years Day everyone!

6 thoughts on “[New Expiration Date] 5% Cash Back on Airbnb Rental Booking (BankAmeriDeal Expires 2/10)

  1. Matt

    5% cash back after paying $49 cleaning fee and no room service or housekeeping.
    No thanks. Sticking to hotels in 2018

  2. Alex

    Does the full balance need to be paid to receive the 5% cash back? I only paid half now (before Jan. 5th) and half will be charged in June.

    1. Grant Post author

      Any portion charged to your Bank of America credit card between January 1 and January 5 will earn 5% cash back, up to the $34 cap.

  3. Leah

    If the trip is for after the expiration date but you booked it before, does the cash back deal still work? I paid but airbnb holds the funds until check in so my transaction is “pending” until then.


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