World of Hyatt Gift to Elites: 1 Suite Upgrade Award or 10,000 Hyatt Points?

Hyatt has been up to lots of good these past few months. First they settled the issues I was having with my World of Hyatt concierge, and I’m thrilled to report my new concierge is great! Then World of Hyatt announced that free nights on award stays would count towards elite status. OK, good news, indeed. And just like that, they retroactively combined my free nights from last year with my other eligible nights and gave me a gift. The announcement came one day, and then my email allowing me to actually choose came the following day. Though Hyatt gives you 90 days to make your choice, it took me about nine seconds, if that long. As a Globalist, I have plenty of suite upgrades available to me so thank you very much, I chose the 10,000 Hyatt points instead. So Hyatt starts off the year in our good graces, wouldn’t you agree? Anybody take the suite upgrade offer instead? Those suites can be really wonderful!

6 thoughts on “World of Hyatt Gift to Elites: 1 Suite Upgrade Award or 10,000 Hyatt Points?

  1. Mark

    I’ll take the suite upgrade. I can transfer over 10k from my chase UR balance anytime or trade with someone something else and get 10k Hyatt points transferred from their Hyatt account no problem.

    I often stay 3-5 nights and a suite upgrade is more valuable to me. But I totally get the other argument that 10k points is better for some. I like the flexibility but hate the short lifespan/expiration of the suite upgrade. This also helps bridge that as my 4 suite upgrades expire in Sept and I’d otherwise be screwed until the next year without this.

    1. Shelli Post author

      You make good points, Mark. I tend to stay 3-5 nights as well, so the extra room is welcome. I had very good luck last year being upgraded without using my suite upgrades. This may be because I tend to stay at the same Hyatt hotels so I’m known. And maybe this luck is because some of my stays have been off-season. We’ll see how this year goes. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment.


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