(REPOST) 30% Bonus on Purchased World of Hyatt Points (Ends Today – 2/23)

Hyatt recently got in on the bonus season! Some opportunities to buy points are targeted, and some are publicly available. I’m sure we’d all agree that the public ones are more interesting and worth a look. Through February 23, World of Hyatt is offering a 30% bonus on purchased points. You have to purchase at least 5,000 points in your transaction.

As you know, I’m a big fan of Hyatt hotels and actually had 81 nights at Hyatt hotels last year. How good is this deal, though? It’s in the bonus range that Hyatt usually offers, and if you can maximize the value you get from Hyatt points, it’s worth taking a look at this offer. Maximizing Hyatt points is one of my favorite challenges :) So check your upcoming plans and see if Hyatt hotels figure in, and then maximize away!

And please don’t forget that as of this year, award stays will count towards elite night credits. This will help me maintain my Globalist status, for sure. Though many of us can transfer our Chase Ultimate Reward Points to Hyatt, it’s still valuable to see if these Hyatt points purchases are a good deal for you. So if you’re looking at some Hyatt properties, and either don’t have enough Hyatt points or Chase Ultimate Reward Points, or prefer to use those points for something else, you might want to increase your stash of Hyatt points with this offer.

Are you a buyer of World of Hyatt points with a 30% bonus? Which Hyatt hotels do you have in mind these days?

2 thoughts on “(REPOST) 30% Bonus on Purchased World of Hyatt Points (Ends Today – 2/23)

    1. Shelli Post author

      Yes, I know. That’s why I mentioned the Hyatt range for buying points. It’s usually in the 30-40% bonus range. Always have a use in mind for those points. Thanks for reading, Chris.


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