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My Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card Plan for 2020

Good morning everyone.  As you all probably know by now, the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card will be adding 2 new benefits (Lyft Pink Membership & DoorDash’s DashPass with a $60 yearly credit) along with raising the annual fee from $450 to $550, beginning on January 12.  Doctor of Credit has all the details on the key dates:

  • Annual fee will increase to $550 for new users on January 12, 2020
  • Annual fee will increase to $550 for existing users in April 2020
  • Not possible to product change to the card until after January 12, 2020 (new $550 annual fee will be charged)
  • Complimentary Lyft pink membership to be added on January 12, 2020
  • $60 DoorDash credit to be added for 2020 and 2021 (this is is an annual credit that is valid from 1/12 – 12/31 each year)

The first thing I wanted to do was take a look at my 2019 credit card statements and see when the $450 annual fee posted to my Chase Sapphire Reserve.  It looks like my annual fee posted on April 1, 2019.  The new $550 annual fee will increase in April 2020, but no specific date is listed.  If I am really unlucky, the $550 annual fee will post on my April 2020 statement, but if I am really lucky, the $550 annual fee will post next year on my April 2021 statement.  I should have my answer in 3 months…

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Ebates Mobile App: Earn $1 Cash Back Per Lyft Ride

Good evening everyone – happy Friday!  I was just using the Ebates app and spotted a new promotion with Lyft.  You can earn $1 cash back for every Lyft ride you book through the Ebates app. If you have the Lyft app already installed, you will see the Lyft Get a Ride button.  If you click that button, it will open the Lyft app.  If you are not an Ebates member, you can create a free account here.  If you are not a Lyft user, you can get $20 cash back on your first ride, when you sign up via the Ebates app.

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Lyft AMEX Offer: Buy $25 & $50 eGC, Get $15 Cash Back

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  Last Friday, I read Frequent Miler’s post about the Lyft AMEX Offer (spend $75 or more and get $15 cash back).  In the post description, Stephen explained the process of buying Lyft gift cards to trigger the AMEX Offer.  I will show you how to purchase Lyft gift cards and how quickly the cash back posts after completing the AMEX Offer.

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Are You A Typical Rideshare Customer?

A new survey of rideshare passengers just came out, and I have to say some of the findings surprised me. The survey, done by Bellhop, Rideguru, and our very own rideshare man-in-the-know, Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy, wanted to know whether people felt if and how ridesharing was improving their quality of life.

The survey refers to rideshare as “mobility options”, which is a new term for me as it relates to ridesharing. The survey included both taxi or other services in the same general category of mobility options. Of course, surveys are always a bit suspect because it depends on how questions are worded and how terms are defined. In this case I wish some of the survey terms such as “better life” were more clearly defined. However, taking all this into consideration, if you use ridesharing services it’s interesting to see if you fit into the same categories as the respondents or not. And if like me you rarely use these services but are curious about the business end of them, the survey and article is a quick and easy read and a good glimpse into rideshare customer experience.

New York City Limits Ride-Hailing Services

Did you know that New York City just became the first major U.S. city to limit ride-hailing services? This news grabbed my attention because of something that happened the last time I was in NYC. As I was walking by City Hall I noticed that it was sealed off. On the front steps a protest was in progress. I saw press coverage and someone was making a speech. I walked around the park for a bit and then as I was leaving the area I saw one of the protestors with a man I assumed was a politician. They were being interviewed by a television station. It was the tail end of the interview so I didn’t catch much. The protest signs said something about taxi drivers committing suicide, but not living in New York City I had no idea what this meant or what story it was referencing. I meant to do some research but forgot about it.

Uber/Lyft car in NYC

Image source: https://www.npr.org/2018/08/09/637008474/new-york-city-temporarily-halts-more-uber-and-lyft-cars-on-the-road

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