Warning: Don’t Try to Beat PFS Buyers Club’s Price

Good afternoon everyone.  PFS Buyers Club has a new deal from the US Mint where you can make $50 profit and get $1,400 in credit card spending.  You can read more on Frequent Miler and Doctor of Credit.  Before you start thinking about making more than $50 by buying and reselling the US Mint coin on your own, please read my post How I did on that US Mint American Eagle Platinum Coin.  I got greedy on a previous PFS Buyers Club deal and thought I could sell the US Mint coin for more than what PFS Buyers Club was going to pay.  Long story short, I ended up selling the coin on eBay for a $236.16 loss.

Decide for yourself whether you want to sell to PFS Buyers Club, try to sell it on your own for more, or sit out this deal.  Make sure you do your research and know what you will do.  Just don’t make the same mistake I made last time.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

10 thoughts on “Warning: Don’t Try to Beat PFS Buyers Club’s Price

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  2. Chris

    It’s interesting. The coin is now selling on ebay for $1750+. Was your platinum coin also selling for much more than it cost and then went down or did it immediately sell for less?

    1. Grant Post author

      Initially, all the listings on eBay were well over the US Mint buy price, but the coin just kept sitting and sitting. I would lower the price $25-$50, wait a week, then lower the price another $25-$50 and wait some more. If I was more patient, I might have done better, but I wanted to move on with my life and get this coin out.

  3. Dave

    don’t send the coin to PFS.. I just sent mine this week and they refused to pay me.. they claimed the coin is lost and I won’t get paid…..it’s a loss of almost $1500!!! Think twice of the risk before you sending the coins.

  4. Chadly Mcgee

    There’s a risk the price won’t turn out what PFS hopes it’ll be and there’s also the hassle and difficulty of unloading the coin, but at the end of the day PFS expects to make a substantial profit over the price they’re offering you.

    I grabbed the 2019-S Enhanced reverse proof Silver American Eagle everyone was so excited about for $65+ shipping.Based on the fanfare I canceled my PFS order. I had the coin graded by PCGS as a first strike, and it turned out to be a top graded 70 coin with a low serial number in the first 3,000. Went for over $2000.

    Personally I’d say to go with PFS if the profit offered is only a small percentage of the coin’s price- you’re going to use it to MS and hit a CC reward. If the profit offered is a multiple of the asking price, go sell it yourself.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Chadly, you were smart to send the coin to PCGS and lucky to get the coin graded so highly with a low serial number. You made a great return on the coin :)

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