US Bank Credit Cards Renewal Notification Explains 60 Day “Renewal Period”

Good morning everyone.  If you have been to Santa Cruz recently, please check out this post: I Need Restaurant / Activity Recommendations for Santa Cruz.  Yesterday, I was reviewing my credit card statements and spotted this Renewal Notification message on my US Bank Radisson Rewards Premier Visa Signature Credit Card.  I keep this credit card and pay the $75 annual fee just for the 40,000 Radisson Rewards anniversary points every year.  In the Renewal Notification section, it says the following (I kept the important stuff and removed everything else):

You have a “renewal period” of 60 days from the date we mailed this notification. During the renewal period, you may terminate your Account and avoid paying the Annual Membership Fee. You may terminate your Account by calling or by writing us at the Cardmember Service telephone or address shown below. During the renewal period and before you terminate your Account, you may continue to use your card without having to pay the fee. If, however, you do not terminate your Account by the end of the renewal period, you will have to pay the fee.

Each year, the Account will be subject to your payment in advance of an Annual Membership Fee of $75.00, which will compensate us for maintaining and servicing the Account for the following year.

Based on how I interpret the Renewal Notification message, I have 60 days from October 3 to pay the annual fee and keep the credit card.  During those 60 days, I can continue to use the credit card and any benefits that come with the credit card.  If I decide to cancel / downgrade to a no annual fee credit card, I will not have to pay the $75 annual fee.  I haven’t seen this Renewal Notification message on my other US Bank credit cards that carry annual fees, but I assume the language and terms will be very similar.

This 60 day window is great if you are hoping to get the Radisson Rewards anniversary points but not pay the annual fee.  If the points post before the end of the 60 day period, you should be able to keep the points and close the credit card, thereby avoiding the annual fee.  Is there any other way to take advantage of the Renewal Notification message?

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great Columbus Day Weekend!

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    1. Grant Post author

      I don’t spend $10k on my Radisson Rewards CCs, but I’ll update this post when the 40k Radisson Rewards Points post to my account.


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