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Track Hotel Free Night Certificates & Credit Card Annual Fees with my Spreadsheet

Good afternoon everyone.  Last month, I was reading an article by Nick at Frequent Miler called Almost #Bonvoyed: a cautionary tale on free night certs.  In that post, Nick shared that after cancelling a Marriott stay booked with a free night certificate, the free night certificate did not automatically redeposit into his Marriott account.  He had to track down the cancelled reservation and call Marriott to get the free night certificate redeposited into his Marriott account.  Bonvoy!  Toward the end of the article, Nick stated, “You shouldn’t need a spreadsheet to track the history of your Marriott free night certs — but the reality is that you do need to stay organized with them.”

That’s when the idea hit me, I should create a spreadsheet to track my Marriott category 1-5 free night certificates… as well as my Hilton free weekend night certificates, Hyatt category 1-4 free night certificates, IHG 40k free night certificates, and Radisson Rewards anniversary points.  Here is my Hotel Free Night Certificate Tracker, maybe it will help you stay organized too.

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Warning! US Bank Radisson Rewards Credit Cards Charge 3% Foreign Transaction Fees (FOREX)

Good morning everyone.  I guess today is the day that I bash US Bank and Radisson Rewards.  Earlier this morning, I wrote Problem Solved! Missing US Bank Radisson Rewards Credit Card Anniversary Points Posted.  In today’s post, I will tell you to be careful using your US Bank Radisson Rewards Credit Cards internationally and for international purchases because you will be hit with a 2-3% foreign transaction fee (FOREX).

The only reason I am using my (dusty) US Bank Radisson Rewards Credit Cards is because I received a targeted spending offer from US Bank / Radisson Rewards in early May.  Doctor of Credit has more details, but the bonus is simple: spend $500 in May, June, and July to earn 20,000 bonus Radisson Rewards points.  That was a pretty simple targeted spending promotion, so I brought both of my US Bank Radisson Rewards Credit Cards with me to Tahiti and used them a few times.  Unfortunately, I forgot that US Bank / Radisson Rewards charges foreign transaction fees on international purchases, so I racked up a few FOREX fees on my trip :(

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Problem Solved! Missing US Bank Radisson Rewards Credit Card Anniversary Points Posted

Good morning everyone.  A few months ago, I wrote PSA: Make Sure to Convert / Upgrade to US Bank Radisson Rewards Premier Visa Signature Credit Card.  In that post, I shared my experience upgrading from the no annual fee to the US Bank Radisson Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card ($50 annual fee).  A few days before I wrote that post, I received this email from US Bank on March 28 informing me of the cardmember anniversary.  The last bullet point in the email mentioned the 25,000 anniversary points, which was my whole reason for upgrading.  Unfortunately, the 25,000 anniversary points never posted to my Radisson Rewards account, so I had to track them down.

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Success! Airbnb WORKS with US Bank FlexPerks Real-Time Rewards (Special Circumstance?)

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  I had delicious clam chowder in Bodega Bay and then BBQ’d chicken and corn at home.  Last week, I got an email from Airbnb about paying for the second half of an upcoming Airbnb stay in Tahiti.  I don’t use Airbnb very often, but apparently you can split your Airbnb payments into 2 parts (pay half when you reserve your Airbnb and pay the other half a few weeks before you arrive at the Airbnb).  I had a stash of FlexPoints from my US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card and recently enrolled in Real-Time Rewards (for the 500 free FlexPoints).  I was hoping I could redeem my US Bank FlexPoints for 1.5 cents each with Real-Time Rewards to cover the Airbnb payment.  I clicked the Update Payment Details button at the bottom of the email and paid $804.69 with my US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card.

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When Does the Annual Fee, Travel Credits, & Sign Up Bonus Post to the US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card?

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  Last Thursday, I got 2 emails from US Bank regarding my credit card statement and a travel credit that posted to my US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card.  I got this credit card in my March App-O-Rama and wrote about Unboxing my US Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Credit Card: Card Art, Brochure & Welcome Letter last month.  I’ve been hard at work meeting the $4,500 minimum spend requirement to get 50,000 US Bank FlexPoints and was hoping the sign up bonus would post on my first credit card statement.  In this post, I will show you when the annual fee posts, when your travel credits will post, and when the sign up bonus will post to your account.

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