Arcadia Power: $15 Off My PG&E Gas & Electricity Bill (+ 5% Cash Back with US Bank Cash+)

Good morning everyone, I hope your weekend is going well.  Last month, Doctor of Credit wrote a post about Arcadia Power stating that you could use this service to pay your electricity bill with a credit card and not be charged a fee.  I have been paying a $1.35 fee per payment to PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) for the last few years, so I was immediately interested.  For the last few years, I have been using my US Bank Cash+ Credit Card to earn 5% cash back on utility bills (as far as I know, Chase Ink Business credit cards do not earn 5x on electrical utilities bills, just phone / internet / TV utility bills).  With the $1.35 fee per payment, as long as my payment to PG&E was greater than $27 ($27 x 5% = $1.35), I would come out ahead.  If I could continue earning 5% with my US Bank Cash+ Credit Card to pay my PG&E bill and avoid the $1.35 fee, I would definitely use Arcadia Power.  I am happy to state that that is exactly what happened with my recent PG&E payment via Arcadia Power.  If you are not an Arcadia Power member, please use my referral link to create a free account.  Thank you!

I received this email from Arcadia Power on January 5.  In the email, it says I saved $15 (my Arcadia Power first payment bonus) and owe $105.88.  My card on file (US Bank Cash+ Credit Card) would be charged on January 8.  I didn’t need to do anything else.

I logged into my Arcadia Power account and went to the Bill Pay section.  I clicked the PDF button to download my recent Arcadia Power statement.

My Arcadia Power statement shows the $15 first payment bonus and the remaining balance of $105.88.

On January 8, the $105.88 charge from Arcadia Power went through on my US Bank Cash+ Credit Card.  A few days later, the charge posted to my credit card account.

I then logged into my PG&E account to confirm that the payment was successfully received by PG&E – it was!  In the payment section, it shows the $120.88 payment from Arcadia Power as a “BanktoBank Payment”.

I then logged into my US Bank online account to view the 2 most recent charges (PG&E on December 6 and Arcadia Power on January 9).

I wanted to compare the payment directly to PG&E (left) and the payment processed by Arcadia Power (right).  Both transactions have the same merchant category (MCC), so I am very confident that the payment processed by Arcadia Power will earn 5% cash back.

I am very impressed by Arcadia Power and how they work.  Their main mission is to inform consumers that they should switch to renewable (more expensive) forms of electricity, but I have not made any changes to the forms of electricity I use.  If you have any questions about Arcadia Power, please leave a comment below. Have a great day everyone!

P.S. If you are not an Arcadia Power member, please use my referral link to create a free account.  Thank you!

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