How to Activate & Set Up American Express Gold Card in AMEX Online Account

Good afternoon everyone.  Earlier today, I wrote Unboxing my American Express Gold Card: Card Art & Welcome Documents.  In this post, I will show you how to activate your card online, add it to your American Express online account, and show you a cool AMEX Offer I received on the card right away.  To get started, I clicked on the Confirm link in the American Express email that stated that my American Express Gold Card (my referral link) had shipped.

I then entered the card number and clicked the Confirm button.  I then signed into my American Express account to link the card to that American Express online account.  If you do not have an American Express account, click the Register for a New Account link.

American Express will then present 3 options for you to add an authorized user to your card (the first 5 authorized user cards are free), you can set up account alerts for your email and phone (I checked all the boxes), and you can enroll in ShopRunner (like free Amazon Prime shipping for several other online retailers).  After you make your decisions on those 3 sections, click the Continue button.

American Express will then present you 2 more options to enroll in paperless statements and to refer your friends.  After you make your decisions on those 2 sections, click the Continue button.

Congratulations, your new American Express Gold Card has been successfully confirmed and added to your American Express online account.  As a gift, American Express showed me a pretty good AMEX Offer: 10% cash back when I pay my cell phone bill, up to $10 cash back.

Here are more details about the Cell Phone Bill AMEX Offer.  I have 4 full months to max out the AMEX Offer.

I also added/linked my checking account to my new Gold Card.

It was really easy.  I just clicked the Connect Saved Bank button, then selected my existing checking account, clicked the submit button and I was done.

I then clicked the Go to my Online Account button.

Here is the top portion of my American Express online account.

In the middle section, you can refer friends to the Gold Card and see recent credit card activity.

In the bottom section, you can see your available AMEX Offers, the AMEX Offers you linked to your Gold Card, and previous AMEX Offers that you redeemed.  In a future post, I will go through all the card benefits, including the $10 / month dining credit and the $100 airline reimbursement credit.

Here are the complete details of the Cell Phone Bill AMEX Offer that I was offered earlier.  Too bad the maximum cash back amount is only $10, I could have paid several hundred dollars on my cell phone bill and earned a lot more than $10 cash back.

I also received an email from American Express regarding the Cell Phone Bill AMEX Offer.  They are really pushing this AMEX Offer!

If you have any questions about the American Express Gold Card (my referral link), please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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