Plastiq’s Fee Free Dollars (FFDs) 90 Expiration Policy (Being Enforced Soon)

Good afternoon everyone.  I have used Plastiq several times in the past to pay various bills (IRS state and federal taxes, property taxes, and other bills) and enjoyed using my Fee Free Dollars (FFDs).  You can earn FFDs by referring members to Plastiq and for participating in Plastiq promos.  When you use FFDs, you do not pay any credit card fees (so a $1,000 bill paid with a credit card only costs $1,000 – there is no added credit card fee).  FFDs are very important and represent an easy way to meet credit card minimum spending requirements.  I just received an email from Plastiq regarding the expiration policy for Fee Free Dollars (FFDs).  The email states:

Over the next few months, Plastiq will begin enforcing its FFD expiry policy. As stated in our existing terms of service, FFDs expire 90 days after issuance unless there is account activity involving FFDs (i.e. a redemption or credit).

Essentially, unused FFDs are designed to expire after 90 days. Currently, users can see the countdown to expiration in the Rewards & Referrals section, but Plastiq does not void the FFDs when the counter reaches 0.

Users can keep their FFDs active by redeeming them at least once every 90 days towards a payment or refer a new customer to Plastiq. Again, this is not a change, but rather an enforcement of our existing terms.

Here is section 8.3 of Plastiq’s terms of service that explains how FFDs work and the expiration policy:

To see if you have any FFDs and view their expiration date, sign into your Plastiq account, click the person icon in the upper right corner, and then click the Rewards & Referrals link.

As of today, I currently have $733.13 in FFDs that expire in 27 days.  In order to keep my FFDs from expiring, I need to pay a bill (and use the FFDs) or refer a friend and earn more FFDs.  To refer a friend, click the Refer Friends, Pay Less Fees button.

As you can see, each friend you refer to Plastiq will get 500 FFDs and you will earn 1,000 FFDs.  If you would like to use my Plastiq referral link, I would be very grateful.  Thank you!

If you have any questions about using Plastiq or the FFD expiration policy, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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