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Plastiq Now Offers Expedited Check Delivery via FedEx Priority Overnight

Good morning everyone.  Yesterday, I received an email from Plastiq regarding a new feature added to Plastiq’s Accelerated Payments Suite.  Here is the email:

As our valued partner, we want you to be the first to know about Plastiq’s New Product Feature, Expedited Check Delivery, that will be released on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018!

As the newest addition to the Accelerated Payments Suite, expedited check payment on the Plastiq platform offers a convenient and flexible way for customers to maximize their credit. Customers simply schedule the payment and choose expedited delivery in order to guarantee delivery within two business days. Plastiq accepts the customer’s payment by credit card and sends a check to their vendor.

Business owners often seek to maximize their lines of credit, including the most easily accessible one of all – credit cards. Why not leverage the line of credit you already have in your wallet? Not only are you able to benefit from the cash float available by leveraging credit card payoff periods, but you can also earn rewards to invest back into you business. It’s a win-win! Continue reading

[Targeted] Plastiq: Earn 1 Fee Free Dollar (FFD) for Every Dollar Spent with Mastercard (Promo Ends October 31)

Updated 12:00pm PT on 10/24: This looks like a targeted promo.  If you did not receive this email from Plastiq, you may not be eligible for the promo.  Sorry for the confusion.

Good morning everyone.  I just received an email from Plastiq regarding a promo for using your Mastercard to make Plastiq payments.  From today (October 24) through October 31, you will earn 1 Fee Free Dollar (FFD) for every dollar you spend on Plastiq using your Mastercard.  This only includes payments set up today through October 31, not previously scheduled payments.  Any FFDs that you earn during this promo will be credited to your Plastiq account on November 1.  If you are new to Plastiq, here is my referral link.

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Plastiq: Schedule 6 Rent / Mortgage Payments & Only Pay 2% Processing Fee (New Users Only)

Good afternoon everyone.  I just received an email from Plastiq regarding a new promotion for paying rent / mortgage payments.  Unfortunately, this promotion is limited to new Plastiq users.  Here are the details of the promo:

  • You must be a new Plastiq user.
  • Schedule 6 Rent/Real Estate payments and you will only pay a 2% Plastiq fee on each payment. (Plastiq fee will be standard for any payments beyond the first 6.)
  • Use any credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club).
  • You must schedule your first payment by May 31, 2018 at 11:59pm ET.
  • You must click this link for the correct code to be applied (I will receive a referral credit – thank you for your support).

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